Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Palm Prints

Hi Friends, this is the outfit I blogged about here. I'm usually not into trends because I don't care...:-). However, I made a small effort to see if I would be able to wear last season's prints; palm prints; and this is what I came up with. I never really liked the prints initially because I thought palm prints should only be reserved for beach wear then I found this skirt on sale at J. C. Penny in my favorite color green and in a very modest length and so suitable for church; yes, every outfit more or less has to pass the church test...:-). I decided to add a punch of color with my old Aldo bag. I must say the outfit looks a bit matronly but I tried to make it work. Next time, I'll just wear a tee on top, slip on some wedges and head out to the beach in it. I'm glad that palm prints didn't catch on that well to so many people. So, let's say bye-bye to these prints and say "Yay!" to animal prints which has always been my favorite.


Top: Loft
skirt: J. C. Penny
Bag: Aldo
Jewelry: thrifted
Shoes: VS

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