Saturday, December 27, 2014

Birthday Photos

Hi Friends, so these are some of the pictures from my son's birthday party. Most of the pictures were taken with cell phones and they are not of the best quality so, I apologize..:-). My home also needs some remodeling and re-decoration which I'm going to get to very soon so pardon me if you think my interior decor is old fashioned...:-).

So, this is the blouse I wore inside my jacket and like I said in my earlier post, I did not want to wear anything Christmassy or sparkly; I just wanted to wear something fun and colorful. I admit a jacket on denim or white on white is not the most fun outfit for a kid's party but hey, it's winter time okay? I needed the jacket for warmth and who says you can't wear white after labor day?...:-)

My outfit is similar to this collage I created on Polyvore (you can see my previous post here.) but I wish my pieces were the same high end designer stuff!

So, the outfit actually started like this; I wore this mint color camisole at first that I purchased from Marshals a long time ago but I did not like the fit and I felt it was more appropriate for a grown up event so I took it off but not before taking some pictures of it.

Then, I switched the blouse with this pleated version that I have also owned for a while. When I put my outfit together the day before, I made sure I had both blouses ready just in case one did not work out or incase there was a wardrobe malfunction. It's always good to have a back up plan when you are planning for an event.

I just had to throw in the sparkly heels for some holiday fun but the heels came off shortly after because I was not going to step on my little guests' feet with my four inch heels. We all know how little kids like to run around.

Jacket: Banana Republic: old
White denim: Express
Clutch: Target
Shoes: VS previously worn here
Blouse: T.J. Maxx: old
Necklace: Walmart

Yeah, I matched outfits with one of my friends that was around to celebrate with me; fun right? She was looking so radiant and beautiful. She had a baby in the first week of January this year; just days after I did so the next party is at her end...hehehe...:-). I'll show you my outfit for the party later. Yeah, I picked it out already.

Birthday Boy

So, that's it guys. I usually like to use balloons whenever I decorate for a kid's party because they can always play with the balloons later with adult supervision of course. Also, I hung some snowflakes decor from the ceiling and hung a scene setter feature wall with balloons attached to it. Of course the Christmas tree was decorated in a corner in another part of the living room and all the gifts have already been opened as I'm writing this post; a lot of goodies...:-). The food was also delicious and I'm so happy that most of my friends took time off from other activities on such a busy holiday to celebrate with me and my family. It was a fun Christmas now; we look forward to the new year.

                                                                   Thanks so much for stopping by

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