Friday, March 22, 2019

Shoe Lovin': Stiletto Knee high Boots:

Another shoe lovin' post here featuring this beautiful knee high stiletto heel boots. This Balmain designer boots have since sold out online but since this shoe lovin' post or feature on the blog is dedicated to highlighting shoes that are unique or trending, (check out this previous shoe lovin' post here) it still needs to be blogged about irrespective of the fact that they actually retailed for over a $1000 dollars. The "mule style" design of this boots is really eye catching and the boots are so elegant that they look like sculptural pieces.  The gold toned tipped stiletto heels also add to the wow factor of these heels. Since this pair is definitely a splurge and this blog is dedicated to only affordable fashion, consider this an inspirational post if you are the creative type, maybe this post would inspire you to take pen to paper to create some unique shoe designs of your own? (I am definitely inspired) Check out the ankle boot version of the boots here. And you can check out other low budget stiletto knee high boots in the links below.
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