Sunday, January 25, 2015

Yellow + Black

You've got to go put on your sunglasses for this one because this yellow might just hurt your eyes..:). This is yellow overload. I figured that I had not worn yellow in a while and since we are getting warmer weather now plus lots of sun, I thought it would not hurt to start putting on some color. I dug this wool jacket out from deep in the closet; previously too small because yours sincerely gained some weight...:-). After losing a few pounds, I decided to give it another try and there are some others that need to be tested out soon too...:-). Whatever does not fit would then go to the donation pile because I am ready for some spring cleaning..

It seems like spring is gradually around the corner though. We've been having this gorgeous weather since last week but I heard a rumor that it is related to global warming...**ssshhhh, let's not talk about that now please..** (whispering)

Jacket: old
Purse: Express
Jewelry & Pants: LOFT
Shoes: VS shoes
Sunnies: LOFT

This boxy wool jacket is so warm and comfy and I did not need to put on an extra jacket today. The colorful necklace was added on last minute for some extra pop of color. Did you do anything fun this weekend? Did you go to church or pause for a minute to give God thanks for his countless blessings? I have a music recital to attend this evening at my son's music school and I plan on wearing an all black outfit. What other color is most appropriate for a musical recital/concert? Any suggestions fashionistas? Can we follow each other on GFC (bottom of blog page) or Instagram? My instagram handle is; beautyojo.

                                                Thanks so much for stopping by

                                                              Beauty Ojo
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