Friday, December 14, 2012

Khaki Jacket..

Hi all, "I ammmm backkkk!"...:) I hope every one is having a wonderful week so far. It was so sad to hear the news about the Connecticut shooting this morning. So many beautiful, young and innocent souls just wasted. My heart goes out to all the families that were affected by this tragedy and I pray that God would comfort and restore them. I have three young kids and I know how much joy and love these tiny souls give out as they grow and it is just so sad when any young soul pass away for any reason. This just goes to show that we need God in this nation. This is not about putting bans on guns and fire arm restrictions and all that; this is about taking America to the place it was when the founding fathers founded this nation. It is about having God as the front and center of everything. Well, this is a fashion blog and not a political blog so, I will digress at this junction and talk about my outfit..

I love fashion and if you are reading this blog right now, I am sure you do too...:) It's so relaxing when we fashion lovers look at all these fashion blogs and fashion magazines and go shopping or sometimes window shopping when we can not afford to buy anything. So, why can't some people just pick up a hobby like this that is not going to cost them much instead of getting frustrated and depressed about life and picking up guns to go and kill innocent people...oh my..I am so hurt!

I am wearing this khaki color jacket I got from Banana Republic and a back tee and black jeans. I accessorized with taupe color Steve Madden shoes and a wine color handbag. The jewelry is just minimal; just this brown and clear Lucite necklace I got from Dress barn years ago and a pair of gold ear-rings.

The weather was so so cold; do not be fooled by the smile. I took off my winter jacket and gloves for this shoot so when my fingers started to freeze, I tucked my hands inside my jacket to keep warm. Also, my block heeled shoes are all coming to use this winter. The floors and driveways are too slippery and icy for stilettos and six-inch heels and when I do wear them, I am always super-careful.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I do appreciate you reading this and I welcome your thoughts, questions and comments. Let's continue to pray for this nation. This senseless violence needs to stop. Take care and God bless. **Kisses**

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