Thursday, October 18, 2018

White sweat shirt + Plaid Skirt

Happy throwback Thursday 😀 This is another throwback look on the blog today; I'm wearing a simple sweat shirt over a plaid pencil skirt. I purchased this plaid pencil skirt from New York & Company two summers ago and I must say I really loved the plaid print when I first saw it online. I also like this bold plaid trousers here and here. I thought of all kinds of pairings for it; black tops and black pointed pumps, white tops and black pointed pumps with blue accents and then I purchased this blue satin bow mules late in the summer and I knew I wanted to do a fall pairing and that's how I put this simple outfit together. I love that this satin mules which have been in heavy rotation in my closet, can be paired with pretty much any piece. I added my blue tassel earrings for an added pop of blue and used my vintage patent purse to pull the look together. I'm definitely thinking of giving this satin mules the break it deserves now. This look can be worn to grown up events like PTA meetings, blog partnership meet-ups and casual business meetings and most importantly Church. Happy Thursday and thank you so much for reading.

Styling the snake print trend with a small accessory

The snake print trend is gradually pushing the leopard prints trend into the shadows; you see it everywhere at least on social media; boots, clothing, bags...This trend can be overwhelming if it is not done right and that is why this post is on how to style the snake print trend using a small accessory like a belt. The belt might be a very casual piece or small accessory but it does add interest to an outfit. For this look, I cinched my lilac color cardigan on the waist with a snake skin skinny belt and paired the cardigan with a lace dress converted into a skirt by the layering; another way of restyling our dresses as a transition piece. I like to add bursts of color to my wardrobe in the fall and my go to color is usually blue but this season, I have been drawn to lilacs and purple; the pastel color that was on trend in the spring. I completed my look with a pair of sparkly earrings from J. Crew and by the way, my cardigan is from J.Crew too but it has since sold out. You can check the shopping links below if you are interested in this pairing. Purple and lilac are some of my favorite colors. Also, I have not gotten into boots quite yet this fall because the weather still allows for a simple pair of mules like the pair I am wearing; haha!😜
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