Sunday, May 20, 2012


I hope everyone had a nice weekend because the weekend is over already and it's back to work! I spent so many hours organizing myself in the last couple of days; read my mail, arranged my closet, did some gardening and even had time to do a lot of blogging...:) The greatest achievement however, was having time for my spiritual upliftment and spending time with my family. Summer is so much fun...:) School is a lot of fun but the summer break is a lot more fun.

While going through my closet, I found an outfit I had not worn in a long time and I decided to bring it back to life...:) It is one of the few colored outfits I owned at the time I had my "dark closet" and it is in one of my favorite colors purple. I remember how excited I was when I bought this dress from Dressbarn and the black jacket has always been a staple piece in my closet..I wore this oufit to Church today and along with the sermon, I felt pretty good at the end of the day. Isn't it nice to be able to fit into the same dress four years later?..

 Purple dress from Dressbarn, Zigisoho platform pumps from DSW and black blazer from Fashion Bug. Jewelry is thrifted.

It was a windy day although not too obvious but the twirling dress is big time evidence..

Today is May 20th 2012 and I wore this same outfit at about the same time three years ago and I remember I purchased it about a year before this photo below was taken. My baby girl is a big girl now...:) I'm going to keep this same dress and try it on again in five years and see how it looks!!!!


Birthday Suit..

This is one of the quick posts I saved prior to my daughter's birthday and it is about choosing my outfit for the day. I already had my kids clothes sorted out and knew what everyone was going to be wearing. However, I had to ponder a little on my own outfit. I had the dress picked out already though but could not decide on the shoes and even though the birthday party is over and done with (We had a nice I'll like you lovely readers to play a guessing game with

Before we begin our game, I will like to tell you about previous party outfits...

This outfit is what I wore for my son's one year birthday party five years ago. The pink top was made with a pretty African lace fabric with stones studded all over it. (You can't really see the stone studs in the pic.) It is a long "Kaftan" top with slits on the sides and the white pants were made from a simple brocade fabric. (Made by my seamstress) I also had a tough choice five years ago picking out the best shoes to match this oufit and I will publish some pics. sometime later in this blog of what shoes finnally won the day.
The description of the shoes are as follows;

  1. The first pair of shoes are open toe pink suede shoes with a loop and neutral color heels which I purchased from the VictoriasSecret Catalogue over ten years ago. They are pretty old shoes but I don't get to wear them all the time because of the color.
    2. The second pair of shoes are pink multi color slingbacks I got as a gift from Africa. They are  simple and comfortable and looked right for the occassion.

     3. The third pair of shoes were purchased from DSW and were the initial pair I picked for my wedding until I found a great pair of comfortable wedges! (I'll do a post on my wedding tips later on in the summer..:))

My long pink Kaftan made the day..

My white brocade pant made the day also...What shoe goes best with this outfit?

This navy blue shiny dress with fringes is what I wore for my first daughter's one year birthday. You must have seen it a lot in my previous posts. The glittery fabric appealed to me when I first saw the dress at TJ Maxx. And traa laa!! I purchased the dress.

  1. The first pair of silver open toed heels by Jessica Simpson were purchased at DSW and they are really comfortable.  I like the die-cut pattern on the shoes.

        2 The second pair of wine satin pumps by Colin Stuart/VictoriasSecret catalogue were also        a contender. I had matching jewelry for it so, it didn't really look all that mismatched when I  picked them as

       3.The last shoes are silver Nine West slingbacks and are one of my favorites! So, can you guess what pair of shoes won the game?.. I mean what pair of shoes did I pair with this dress?

And this is the birthday suit! This shimmery gold one shoulder dress was purchased at TJ Maxx and though I liked the outfit a lot, I do not understand why it was lined in pink!..of all colors!! I would have considered linning the dress in gold color fabric or neutral fabric if I had made it myself.

  1. The first pair of gold color sandals were not such a great match for my dress but I put them into consideration anyway. I got them as gift from my hubby when he made a trip to Africa so, they were really special to me.
      2. The second pair of five inches glittery Steve Madden shoes are one of my favorites too and was  a strong contender but I wanted to be really comfortable during the party without any care about hurting feet. (wearing of heels come with a pain)

3. The third pair of neutral suede shoes with satin knot-tie were purchased from VictoriasSecret Catalogue (they make such amazing, comfortable and affordable shoes)

So, let the guessing game begin....

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