Friday, May 22, 2015


I have only been away from the blog for about a week and I feel like I have been away longer than that...:-). I missed my blog, my precious little space, so I am here again for a quick post. There are so many things happening behind the scenes which I will share later because I have been busy. You might be wondering what is amazing about this post based on the title and I will tell you what it is at the end of the post but first of all, let's talk about the outfit.

This dress is what I wore on Mother's day and I did not really want to share the photos because as you can tell, I looked like I just had a workout at the gym but that's not really a sweaty face; it was raindrops. Yeah, it was all rainy on mother's day but the sun peeked out occasionally. I got this floral dress from a local boutique in my neighborhood and they do not have a website but are on Facebook. I loved the floral prints on the dress a lot but I did not like the fact that it had no sleeves. I would like to share a secret with you; I am very self conscious about my fat arms which have always been big even when I was very skinny while growing up. This is the main reason why I always wear clothes with sleeves or always have a jacket with me for coverup when I wear sleeveless tops. So, this jacket was purchased at Macys a long time ago and it is different from the one I wore in this previous post here. Remember I told  you almost every jacket in my closet has a twin?....hehehe. Do you think this outfit is a lot similar to the one I created on polyvore here?

Blazers: Macys
                                                                        Dress: Elite Apparel
                                                                        Purse: Express
                                                                        Shoes: Louboutins

Okay, so you know "Yours Sincerely" here likes to talk or write a lot right? Now let's talk about what's amazing about this post. My first daughter started kindergarten last fall and she talked about her new friend Ella all the time. They are in the same class and best friends. Well, it happened that Ella got sick a lot and she was diagnosed with cancer earlier in the year. She went through a series of chemo treatments and missed school a lot. My daughter was very sad and when Ella lost all her hair it was quite devastating. I thank God that Ella's parents are strong believers in God and there were lots of prayers for sweet little Ella. Miraculously, Ella went for her scan a few days ago and all the cancer cells are gone! Amazing. Everone is so overjoyed. She still needs to go in to the hospital every three or six months for check-ups but that's okay. At least now, she can start to have a normal life again fit for a five year old. IF YOU WANT TO READ MORE ABOUT ELLA, YOU CAN VISIT THE CARING BRIDGE WEBSITE HERE; her mum constantly updates the site but you will need to sign in with a google or other social media account to get access. She turns six next weekend and we are all going to be at her birthday party.

                                                           Thanks so much for stopping by

                                                                        Beauty Ojo

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