Saturday, May 19, 2018

Wedding Style: Fascinators and Hats

Happy Saturday everyone 😄 This is a quick and very short post here. I started writing this post at about 3:00 AM just before the royal wedding started and I cried, clapped. sang and jumped for joy while watching the nuptials and at the same time editing and clipping pictures. Also, I have a wedding to attend in a couple of hours; what a day so far! If you have been following the royal wedding buzz, you would have seen these fancy accessories that I love and have been so excited about. Some call them Fancy Hats, Church hats, Hatinators, Kentucky Derby hats, Fascinators...whatever you call them, the bottom line is that they are very unique hair accessories that go with very proper, modest, lady like dressing. In most cases, they are paired with dresses and skirt suits but I have seen them paired with pantsuits before too and it looked great. The fuller or more covered pieces; that sit properly on the head are called hats while the less covered ones that are attached to head bands or hair clips are called fascinators. They are very popular in British weddings, formal ceremonies, church services, tea parties and even bridal showers. 'want to purchase one for your next fancy party and need help styling it? This is the post for you. Below are three stylish sets for the edgy guest. Happy shopping and styling.

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