Friday, December 9, 2016

Trench Coat and Sandals

Happy Friday friends. This is another throw back or flashback look from my camera archives. I wore this outfit last Fall and it was not cold at the time so I could wear a pair of sandals with my trench coat. All the pictures  are random and were taken when I was not looking hence the robot-like poses..😄 I remember I took my kids out and they were running excitedly around me and I was trying to get their attention and keep everyone together.

This outfit consists of very basic wardrobe essentials; a white tee, denim, off the shoulder bag and a trench coat which you can swap for a blazer. When in doubt of what to wear somewhere, throw all these pieces together and you are good to go. A good idea is to have two blazers; one in a neutral color and another in a beautiful shade that you love for a great pop of color. And if you do not like blazers, you can do kimonos or sleeveless vests. Have a great weekend everyone.

Trench Coat: Consignment store / tee:  HERE / Denim: Loft / Bag: HERE / Sandals: Colin Stuart




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