Thursday, August 27, 2020

Doing Summer in my Green Dress


     ዙow is everyone doing? I hope we are all strong, healthy and still keeping up with our Covid sanitation. I just wanted to pop in here real quick to show this green dress I wore the other day; actually an old piece from my closet. The way I transform old pieces in my closet is by adding fresh accessories which I did with this beautiful straw bag I thrifted years ago and my tan color pointed toe mules and bright yellow earrings. I wore this dress to lounge around in the house with a pair of short shorts underneath because it is a very mini dress 😁 If we were going out, I would wear this dress to a backyard BBQ or to go on a lunch date with my friends or family. What do you think of the color green? Is this a color you would wear? Thanks so much for stopping by here.

                                                Dress               Bag            Earrings

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