Saturday, January 11, 2020

Sequins and more sequins and Happy New Year!

           Happy new year everyone! 😃 2020 is here and it's going to be a great year for everyone. The key is to be consistent in doing good and being kind and praying and meditating on God's word and you will be just fine. I'm usually not big on making new year resolutions but this year, I decided to make resolutions or set goals for fitness and exercise. I'll share more on that later. Outfit wise, I started my new year in blings, and glitz and glitter as you can see from this outfit. This is what I wore to Church first Sunday of the year.

                                                          Skirt                Pumps

Shopping my Closet for holiday style

              'm going to make this post very short because I have so much to do; some last minute shopping, gift wrapping and menu planning. We always have a Christmas party in my home every year because my little one was born on Christmas day six years ago and the double celebration; my son's birthday and remembrance and commemoration/celebration of Jesus Christ's birth, just makes this season so much special for us. If you lived in my city, I would invite you to the party, haha! 😁

                                                        Dress           Clutch

Shopping for sustainable fashion: Velvet Pantsuit

          Fashion is taking a new meaning in 2020 at least here in my neck of the woods. It is definitely going to be more sustainable and thrifty than ever before on here. If you have read this blog for years, you would know that I have always loved thrifting mainly because of the unique pieces and style you can achieve with a curated thrift wardrobe. My holiday style this year is a big reflection of this and here I am sharing this vintage looking pantsuit.


Vintage Styling: Floral Sequin blouse + Red circle Skirt

          intage is where most things are going for me in the near future especially when it comes to fashion. I got this vintage looking sequin blouse from a thrift/consignment store in my neighborhood last year and previously styled it here. I was drawn to the many colors and sparkles that emanated from it while it was hanging on the rack.The sequin blouse is a statement piece because  of the colorful floral patterns or prints on it. I got it out again this season and paired it with this red circle skirt I got from Chicwish years ago when circle skirts and midi skirts were on trend. Well, it's 2019 and my skirt is still on trend for me...haha! 😂


                                                     Skirt               Here

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