Friday, October 12, 2012

Warm Tones

Hi All, It is a little too surprising that the weather is somewhat warm at this time of the year especially for the State of Minnesota. It is the month of October and we are supposed to be in the  Fall season but even the the Winter Season is not as bad as it used to be and people are blaming Global Warming or Environmental Pollution for this. I am up for saving our environment and I am also up for a mild and normal weather condition. It's a No! No! to all those harsh and terrible Winters. Anyway, I am yet to take my coats and jackets for dry cleaning and I do not even know where my gloves and hats are; I will have to raid my closet this weekend and reorganize it top to bottom. Meanwhile, I am still enjoying my summer outfits.
This is a warm toned outfit for the warm warm weather.

Wearing a dark brown sheath dress with nude accessories; a very simple look.

Still working on my hair. I need a big make-over!...:) It's hard to get it in top shape all the time amidst the thousand and one things to do. Fashion is good but not everything you know. A lot of other things come first before Fashion in my life but I try to enjoy every good thing I get in life. And I believe all things work together for my good in Christ. Romans. 8: 28

I have decided that it is not really necessary to give credits to the Stores I buy my clothes and accessories from. I do not represent them in any way and I do not see any use in giving them the credit on my blog. After all, I paid for my stuff!...:) I am not a paid blogger and I do not intend to use my blog to solicit for monetary gain. It's just a personal diary which I hope my kids and grandkids and grandkids will enjoy reading someday...:) However, I will do a post on "just shopping" to let interested readers who care to know to find out where I shop. And if you have read other posts, you will know that most of my outfits are from Tj Maxx, Coldwater Creek, White House/Black Market, Talbots, Metrostyle, Chadwicks, Newport News, Dress Barn, Banana Republic, Target or Burlington. And most of my shoes are from Victoriassecret online, Zappos, DSW and Net A Porter. I shop from very affordable departmental stores and do not believe I have to wear clothes worth a million bucks to look good. If I get a million bucks, I will create my own fashion brand/company and create employment for people amidst other things...:) What will you do with a Million bucks?

That being said, do you see all the beautiful colors in the trees behind in the background? God is surely wonderful. He loves color and definitely loves beautiful things; "He is cool!"

The classy blogger kiss; a little cheesy on me I think...:)

Well, just for the sake of it, here are the credits...:) Merona Dress: Target
                                                                                  Purse: Guess
                                                                                  Shoes: Steve Madden
                                                                                  Jewelry: Palm beach
                                                                                  Belt: Thrifted
                                                                                  Sunnies: Target

Have a nice weekend everyone. God loves you dearly...**Kisses**

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