Friday, October 23, 2015

The Coats of the Season

Coats of the Season

It is interesting that the options for fall/winter coats and jackets is getting very diverse, colorful and more beautiful than ever. Previously, it was more of the wool coats, trench coats, bomber jackets and the faux fur jackets; these days however, the sleeveless coats, duster coat, blanket cape and biker/moto jackets are becoming staples in our wardrobe. While the main focus is to get warm, being stylish, trendy and beautiful is a reason to indulge in this trends. It is great too that so many stores and outlets are catching on and filling their racks up with colorful and stylish winter outer wear.

While it is okay to buy trendy pieces when you have the means to during the regular season, another way to get good deal and discount is to wait for the end of season sales in the late spring and early summer. Also, I found out that you can score some good pieces when you look around vintage, consignment and thrift stores. Good old dry cleaning always pay off when you find great second hand pieces.


Do you think it is worth it to have so many options for fall/winter coats or you wish we should rather just stay with our standard and classic wool coats, pea coats and tweed coats?

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