Sunday, March 11, 2012

Make me up....

Make up tips anyone?...This is the best I can do for myself when it comes to make-up and to be honest, I really do not have time to apply make-up. I'm always at a rush to get out the door. I do my best to arrive on time for work and any occasion that make-up is totally out of the question. does any Mom out there agree with me?

My little black dress

The little black dress is definitely an essential piece that should be in every lady's closet because it has diverse function. It can be worn to any event with the right accessories. You can wear an LBD (little black dress) to the office, church, meetings, parties etc. I don't even know how many black dresses I own (like most women) and I usually just change the accessories out for different occasions.

My Chartreuse color Dress

Dresses are my number one go to outfit; they are easy to wear and simple to style.  I'm not sure if I mentioned it in my first post; I am a mom of three and though I love fashion and dressing up, it is really hard to put looks together when you have three little ones to take care off and that is why I am happy that I started this blog. I hope it helps me to get my fashion sense together again as every busy mom should. We, mothers should never lose ourselves; our health, our style, our dreams, visions..etc as a result of parenting. I look forward to sharing more about me in future posts.

So, I'm picking one dress out of many that I own and it is this particular one I'm wearing above.This chartreuse color dress is one of my favorite dresses because the color is so gorgeous, the fabric is comfy and it's got flirty fun sleeves. I'm putting on a pair of black shoes on to pull the look together. My accessories are very minimal and the look is totally fun...I wear the dress to church and
have worn it to other events like bridal shower and I think I wore it to a barbeque once; time to give it a break!...Lol
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