Friday, June 29, 2018

4th of July Beach Style

Happy Friday Lovelies 😃 4th of July holiday and weekend is around the corner. If you need a little style inspiration on looking glam at the beach, look no further. The set above features a cute striped one piece swim suit in the holiday colors and a beach bag or straw bag which is a Summer must have. Complete the look with sunglasses, a colorful scarf and Birkenstock or another cute flats in a neutral color and you are good to go. Happy styling.



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Friday, June 22, 2018

White button down shirt + Denim

Happy Friday everyone. Friday is for casual style and for me, casuals in the most basic sense means denim. Today, I styled my denim pants with an oversized white button down shirt and white pumps which is a pairing you are going to see a lot this summer. You can wear this look to visit friends, to go shopping and even to hang out with hubby or friends. White is a color I used to shy away from previously most especially because I'm always around my kids and from experience, whites and kids don't go together nicely 😑 However, this summer, I'm embracing the white color trend because of the clean fresh look and how classy it looks plus my kids are grown now and they know Mom needs to still look glam while taking care of them 😆 The white sunnies added some whimsy to the look and the cuff bracelet which I purchased from Forever 21 several years ago added a little bit of color to the look too.  Are you up for styling whites with denim this summer? Have a blessed weekend.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Polka dots Blouse + Denim

Happy first day of summer; woot! woot!! 😆 So, now maybe our Minnesota weather would start to behave and give us not-too warm, sunny beautiful days. I decided to celebrate the first day of summer by wearing this polka dot bubble sleeve top from LOFT which has since sold out. The yellow or mustard color of the blouse was an instant shopper's favorite but most ladies including yours sincerely here hate the boxy shape of the blouse. It just adds about 5 pounds to your initial size 😒 It would have been more stylish if the blouse was fitted. After reading the reviews about the blouse, I went a size down like most shoppers suggested but it didn't help much. However, this design and fit miscalculation did not stop the blouse from selling out fast. You might be able to find one on e-bay or Poshmark or if you like the yellow polka dots print but in a different style you can check out my other option in the link below where I also linked similar style and accessories. To a great summer 😂

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The vacation outfit to wear on a regular day

So summer is officially here although it is still cloudy and rainy in my city. This has not stopped me though from donning my summer essential pieces and accessories. Also, it has not stopped me from day dreaming about cool vacation spots and get aways. Then, I can also play dress up and wear vacation themed outfit on a regular day. This outfit here is one of such. The floral blouse paired with denim pants or shorts is the style you are sure to see in most vacation locations. I paired the outfit with summer essential accessories sans the sun glasses; straw hat, straw bag and a pair of bow mules. This is an outfit that you can wear on a regular summer day just to lighten your mood. You can wear it to just about any location you can wear casual style to like picnics and beach parties; even shopping just be prepared to give people a response when they ask you when you are going on vacation 😆

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

How to look stylish at the Beach this Summer

Floral top: Shop Here / Sunglasses: Shop Here / Floral short: Shop Here / Straw Bag: Shop Here /  Sandal: sold out- Another option Here and Here                                          

Summer is around the corner and if you are looking forward to enjoying some sun at the beach without plans of getting in the water, then take a look at the outfits sets featured here for some inspiration. The floral set featured above is the perfect beach outfit to wear when you just want to take a stroll on the beach or if you are a guest at a pool party just don't forget the sun lotion. The set below is a more modest option and a little dressy and you would definitely need the sunglasses too along with some more sun lotion; haha! 😁

 Floral short: shop Here /  Tee: sold out- Similar Here and Here Also Here / Handbag: Shop Here / Shoes: Shop Here / Jewelry: Shop Here

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Monday, June 18, 2018

How to style an old dress from your Closet

Hi everyone, Happy Monday 😆 I hope your weekend was beautiful. If you live in the United States, I hope you had a great Father's day celebration; mine was beautiful. We had a Church dinner with lots and lots of yummy food. It's been raining a lot in the twin cities though and I am wondering when sunny beautiful summer weather is eventually going to get here. I am looking forward to re-styling lots and lots of pieces from my closet. This post is on how to re-style old pieces from our closets. I know most of the time fashion blogs are all about buying, buying, buying...I have slowed down a bit on shopping and focus now on re-styling pieces from my closet.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Lilac button down shirt and white denim Pants


Happy Friday; I hope the week has been going great for you. It is with much excitement that I get to post another lilac color post on the blog today. I really love the lilac color trend more so, because it is in the same color family as my favorite color purple. For my Friday casual style, I wore this lilac color button down shirt or blouse that I have had for years; paired it with white denim pants, an oversized tote and camouflage (camo) prints sandals previously blogged about here. Thank you so much for stopping by and have a blessed and beautiful weekend.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Summer's popular dress style

Happy Thursday ladies; I hope you are having as much fun as I am at least when it comes to the weather. We have short summers here in Minnesota so the aim is always to enjoy the sun and everyday as much as we can. I guess every lady already knows and owns at least one of Summer's popular dresses because they need no introduction. Since the off-the-shoulder dress or cold shoulder dresses started trending three or two summers ago, they have not left the fashion scene and that makes me think they are going to be around much longer. I purchased this particular dress from Loft last summer and it was the vibrant colors of the florals that drew me in. I also got a pair of culottes in the same print. I styled the dress with a straw bag which really is the number one summer bag, a pair of sunnies because we've got to protect those eyes and a pair of black mules and a straw hat which are all summer's essential accessories. What do you think of off-the-shoulder and cold shoulder dresses for summer, yay or nay?

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Earrings sale at JCrew

Happy Wednesday ladies. This is a quick post to share information about the jewelry sale currently going on at Jcrew. This is not a sponsored post and I am not getting any reimbursements or profits from this post; as you know this blog is all about sharing all the latest trends and style at affordable prices and that is why "yours sincerely," Moi  😆 could not help sharing. There is 30% discount on pompom and tassel earrings which are great for summer and if you need help with styling any of these colorful earrings, just look at the outfit set above for some inspiration. Happy shopping and styling.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Shoe Lovin' - Ball heel Pumps

So, here is another post on Shoe lovin,' the trending shoe style or shoe heel of the season. These shoes vary in design and style; some are pumps while some are sandals, some are high heels while others are low heel. What they all have in common is the funny or odd shaped heel; kind of like sticking a ball at the bottom of the shoe heel. The design is very chic and edgy and can be dresses up or down. If you are interested in getting a pair, check out the shopping links below.

Monday, June 11, 2018

How to style an all white Outfit for spring and summer

Hi everyone, happy Monday 😆 This is just a quick post here on another monochrome style. Did you see the one I did on lilac here? Monochrome styling is a trend that would never go out of style or fashion. I am looking forward to styling more monochromatic styles this spring and summer. This all white outfit which is suitable for any casual event like bridal and baby showers, picnics and even a visit to the mall needed some pop of color which I infused by my mauve color bow mules and straw bag. To pile on more textures, I added a mini bouquet of pink flowers which has actually become an added accessory for me recently. I have started to include fresh flowers to my grocery list and just love having them around in the house every day as opposed to waiting to receive them on special days and dates. Haha! it is about time 😂 There is no need waiting for hubby to buy the flowers anymore, I just go and buy it when I need to and there is no need waiting for special occasions like showers and christenings anymore to wear white or waiting after labor day as some would say. Just wear whites whenever you need to and style them with colorful and fun accessories. Thank you so much for stopping by. 

Friday, June 8, 2018

The one accessory to have on a rainy day

Hi everyone, how are you doing? So, we've had a couple of rainy days here in my neck of the woods and the rainy day is the inspiration for this post. I know when you saw the title of this post, you immediately thought of the brolly or umbrella as the one accessory to have on a rainy day. That is not what this post is about though. The one accessory I would grab as I head out the door on a rainy day is this clear clutch I am holding in these pics which is a DIY project by the way. I'll let you in on the details later. Do you remember the post I did on clear bags here? Yeah, I expressed my love for clear bags or PVC bags as some would call them but also pondered about the practicality of the bags.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Work Style: The simple outfit to wear on a hot summer day

Have you thought of an easy breezy outfit to wear to work on a hot summer day or on a casual Friday? An effortlessly chic outfit you can just put together without much thought? It is easy to do when you are dressing up for a casual event; white tee, a well tailored blazer and a great pair of denim and you are good to go. For a more formal work environment where you'll like to be edgy and chic; how about a white sleeveless structured top with a bit of peplum like the one I am wearing here? Pair it with a pastel color pair of pants and a pair of nude sandals and you are good to go. In this post here, I'm wearing a pair of high waisted-paper bag pants and I completed the look with a pair of nude sandals and a woven bag which I accented with a colorful silk scarf to add some color and interest  to the outfit. And I hope you know woven bags are different from straw bags? I love them both. They are great  summer bags that can be paired with both casual and dressy outfit.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

How to style: Statement Sandals

                                                        Statement Pieces..

                                       Skirt: Here   // Tee: similar // Sandals: Here // Bag: Here

 Happy Wednesday  😆 So, summer is almost here and what better time to get out the sandals and the tee shirts than now. These sets are styled around the statement sandals blogged about here. The sandals is so beautiful and chic and the basic way to style it to  make it stand out, would be pairing it with understated pieces. However, with these sets here, the risk taking fashionista can pair the sandals with other statement pieces like the skirts, tees and bags featured in these three sets and would not look overwhelmed. This is exactly what style is. It is being able to put pieces together in an unusual way to create a pleasing aesthetic. What do you think of the styling?

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The "Polka dots" trend of the Season

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing great. Have you organized your wardrobe for summer yet? If you have, I hope you have some polka dots prints on there because "Polka-dottie" is the number one prints trend for the season. And it is not just any polka dots, it is the black dots on white background kind of dots. It is very chic and trendy and you would see it around a lot this summer. However, any color polka dots is still a trend this season and I really like this yellow polka dots balloon sleeves blouse here. Another twist on the trend is the ruffles like this polka dot ruffle dress here. And if you are not into polka dots pieces, you can get polka dots accessories like this polka dots Christian

Monday, June 4, 2018

How to style Monochrome; Lilac + Purple

Happy Monday everyone; I hope your weekend was great. Mine was awesome. I spent a lot of time with family and we went to the mall, went out to eat, went to a birthday party and most importantly, went to church. This is the outfit I wore to church yesterday; lilac and purple outfit. Lilac or lavender as some would call it is a color that is trending this season as we know and the easiest way to style it is to pair it with white, cream  or other pastels. For this look I decided to do monochrome styling by pairing my lilac lace top with lilac color pants. I chose to complete the look with a deep purple color blazer, light purple pumps and a straw bag. You can tell by now that I love the straw bag trend. They add a very organic feel to any outfit. So, what is the key to styling a monochrome look? Mix textures.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Green Dress trend

                                                                                              *Pic adapted from here*

So, have you been seeing green? Have you noticed the new trend in dresses? Is the green dress the new dress trend? Well, yours sincerely here, Moi...😂 takes a look at the Fashion trends and the fashion scene to report them here on the blog especially if they are affordable. I do not have any business with high fashion and extremely expensive lines and labels; No Ma! We are no slave to fashion here. We can absolutely look good on a dime! woot! woot!! 😂 😂 That was a digression. So, like I said; I have been seeing lovely green dresses everywhere I look and I thought I should share a few of my favorites on here.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Shoe Loving' - Fringe heel Velvet Sandals

Okay, summer is almost here and it is time to get out the sandals and slides and definitely time for another "Shoe Lovin" post on the blog. Today's shoe "Love" is this velvet fringe sandals by MR BY MAN REPELLER from NET-A-PORTER. It comes in two colors; red and yellow but the red is my favorite. The fringed heel makes this the statement shoe that should be reserved exclusively for parties. This is not the kind of sandals to wear to a park for a picnic or to a garden party because the
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