Monday, April 8, 2019

Grey Monochrome Styling: Long Coat + Clear Bag

Happy Monday everyone; this another monochrome styling on the blog today just like the one I did here. This time, I'm doing an all grey monochromatic look that is suitable to wear to work any day this season. I know it is spring already but it is still cold here; cold enough to keep putting on layers. Here, I wore a grey color turtle neck sweater over grey color pants and this pants are really comfy; an old purchase from Macy's. The statement piece in this outfit is this long grey coat which I donned on more for style than for warmth because I was already dressed warm with the sweater. And as usual, this is one of the coats I got from the consignment store. It is a pre-owned 100% wool coat that would sell for hundreds of dollars new, at the retail store but I got it for less than a hundred bucks. This plaid transparent bag tote that I blogged about here completed the look along with this V-style  slip on booties. This look is suitable for work and any other formal event on a very cold day. What have you been up to? Thanks so much for stopping by here 😆

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