Sunday, June 24, 2012

The White Jacket

This is what I wore to church today..My white jacket I purchased from Banana Republic a while back. I was supposed to do this post based on my floral theme for the month of June but somehow, I woke up today with something else in mind. I guess most women are like that when it comes to dressing up. You might have something planned for an event and at the last minute you just want to put on something different. I wore this white jacket over a black dress and threw on some wine color accessories and I was ready to go to God's house for an awesome time of praise, worship and communion.

It was a very sunny, hot and humid weather here in the twin cities today but it was a little windy so the weather wasn't all that bad. I always love to wear jacket though no matter how hot it gets and besides there is always air-condition right?..:) And again, I try to put on something very modest and nice underneath my jacket in case I need to take it off when it gets too hot.

I really do love this white jacket and I wish I could wear it all the time but the major snag is that I have to send it to be dry cleaned each time I wear it. The other color jacket I love besides this is my black jacket or my black jackets...I do have more than one!...:) The black jacket is very versatile and can be used to dress up any outfit and I think all women should own one.

My jewelry is a set of silver toned necklace and earrings with wine color crystals that I purchased from a friend a couple of years ago when she was doing the jewelry sales business.

My wine color clutch is a random purchase (do not remember where exactly) and my wine color pumps are from Victoriassecret catalogue.

Sun glasses are from Target stores

My ring which is a little off color because it is dark red was purchased at Burlington coat factory.

I am still reflecting on the sermon that was preached in church today. It was a wonderful communion.

 My black dress is from Burlington coat factory.

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend so far and would devote a bit of your time to commune with God for all the wonderful gifts he has bestowed on you!...:)

This outfit post was not floral inspired but I think I am going to continue with my floral theme on and off through out the entire summer. I have realized that I have so many florals in my closet...oh! Another closet make-over?...:) Have a good week everyone and see you in my next styling post. And please do not hesitate to leave comments on my postings.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flower-kits and Jackets..

Hi everyone, I decided to name this post "Flower-Kits and Jackets" because as I have said so many times before; I like jackets a lot and since summer is already here and there are beautiful and gorgeous flowers all around, it made sense to draw some inspiration from nature. Some of my earlier style posts this month also had some floral theme.

This oversized light blue jacket which I thrifted, is worn over a multi color Ralph Lauren dress and I decided to go without accessories because the outfit already has a little bit going on. Also, I do not do so well with accessorizing and I still find it hard wearing even my wedding ring. Moreover, Whenever the weather gets very hot, it's even worse for me to cope with accessories but since it has become a very popular trend, I'll gradually get myself into it. I wore this outfit to a friend's wedding and quickly took these pictures before heading out.

                                                    Light blue oversized jacket: thrifted

                                             Multicolor Ralph Lauren floral dress: TJ Maxx

                                                       Light brown patent pumps: Steve Madden

                                                          Multicolor floral Clutch: thrifted

                               I don't think I made a good decision by not accessorizing..

                    , I decided to accessorize with a smile...:)

                                             I hope everyone is having a nice week so far..


Sunday, June 17, 2012

black and white floral..

Hi readers, it's a very beautiful and sunny day here in the twin cities (Minneapolis/Saintpaul) Sundays are always fun in my home. We all get to dress up nicely and go to church. For today, I'm putting on this black and white floral dress I custom made years ago. I was in the fabric store to pick up some few things, saw the fabric and fell in love with it right away. I knew right there I was going to turn that fabric into a pretty dress. (I love dresses!...:)) I sketched the style of the dress too and gave it to my seamstress who did a very good job at the execution. The black jacket was purchased at a local boutique and as usual, I am with little or no accessories.

I hope most of you readers were able to make it to your church services today and are planning on spending time with your family on this last day of the weekend. I went for a friend's wedding yesterday and it was very nice and we had some fun. I took some pictures before leaving the house and am hoping to do a posting on that when I get back from church...see you again soon on my blog and leave a comment if you like...:)

The weather today is just too hot for me to put on any necklace or bracelet without getting irritated or having the overwhelming feeling to yank them off. Despite the hot weather, the jacket is an icing on the cake or the dress (I love jackets too..:)) so, it had to make the cut! However, the fit of the dress is not as good as it was years ago because I have piled on some pounds...:) but I decided to keep the dress because of the sentimental value attached to it as one of my first few design/creations. It has also come of use a couple of times in my DIY projects (making of wall-picture frames) and I will have to do a separate posting on that..:)

                                                 Shoes: Collin Stuart/

              Jacket from a local boutique in the neighborhood called "Fashion Bug"..I'm not too sure.

                                              black and white floral dress: Custom made

                                     The jacket can always come off when it gets too hot...:)



Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The Tank Top...

Victoriassecret sport pointelle yoga tank top

Victoriassecret Crocodile Burn out swing tank top

Victoriassecret sport cut-out tank

As we all know, Summer is here already and one of the most common summer outfit for ladies is the tank top. I bet every lady has a couple of tank tops in her closet. They come in different colors and different styles, skinny sleeves and wide sleeves and a wide variety of fabrics. However, no matter how trendy or stylish tank tops might be, I find it hard to wear them alone. I usually like to have a shawl over my shoulders when I wear one, a little jacket or coat or a lace or sheer beach dress when I am wearing a tankini at the beach. There have been few occasions I have worn the tank top without a covering outside in public places because it was unbearably hot but I always felt somewhat uncomfortable. I was not uncomfortable because I am not confident about my body but because I always felt like I was under dressed.

So, for some time now, I have been looking for a dressy kind of tank top and after doing some surfing online I came up with some pretty fun tank tops that are dressy and can be worn just about anywhere. They have fun ruffled necklines that offer a bit more covering and can be worn off the shoulders in the case of that sold on Also, as a bonus, they come in summer fun colors. Neon colors are so in right now and having a dressy tank top in such fun color is a big deal for me. They are also very affordable and I am thinking of making some orders right now...:) Check out the fun dressy tank top below from

It also comes in another fun color; deep berry. However, this lime color is my favorite and the only snag is that I have got so many lime or citrus colored clothes in my closet already and I do not want citrus to be the new "black" in my closet...:) Check out my Color story. This top is on clearance right now for $9.99 also has a similar style of top (found under tees and tops in their website) in the same color but I think theirs is a little too revealing because of its tie-up front (Wardrobe Malfunction!!...:)) Also, at $24.99 it is more expensive than that of which only cost $9.99.
See that of Victoriassecret below and make a comparison.

Photo Credit:
I know there are readers who will want to argue that the above tops are not tank tops because they do not have the traditional sleeves but if you do an extensive search online, you will find out that tank tops come in all shapes, sleeves and sizes..:) As for me, so long as these dressy options serve the same use as the traditional thin sleeves tank, I am okay. You might also want to see a similar design from that is catalogued as a tank top on their site;

Photo Credit:

The above top is; "the dream tee ruffle smocked tank top" which comes in different colors and was originally $39.50 but now on clearance for $14.99.

Like I said earlier, I want to purchase a neon color tankie and I am leaning towards the first one from Metrostyle. I can pair it with a great black or ash color skirt for those barbeque dinners or picnics that we go to during the summer. I have a graduation picnic and a wedding to attend this saturday and if I am able to take good pictures, I will be posting them on my blog. Have a wonderful week everyone. It's so much fun sharing my thoughts on my blog and everyone is welcome to leave a comment or ask a question. I'll be back soon for more styling posts...Cheers!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Windy, frilly and pleats...

So, my last post styling Orange hue... was not floral inspired but I haven't forgotten my styling theme for the month...:) The title of this post speaks for itself. It was a hot super windy day and I was putting on a blouse with frills and a pleated skirt that kept waving to the wind..**grin.**
My floral inspiration pieces are accessories this time and though the wind made the photo shoot a little interesting, I'm glad I still got some pictures.

I had a wonderful time in church today as usual and the message was about "studying to show yourself approved of God." The main gist is that as Christians we have to make sure we are visible wherever we find ourselves (that is standing out positively everywhere and anywhere) and the only way we can do this is by constant communion with God. I hope everyone had a great Sunday too. I wish you all the best in the new week.

                                                                Sun glasses: Target

                                                              Floral Head piece: DIY

                         It was so windy, my glasses kept slipping off my face

                                                      And my hair kept blowing across my way..:)

                                             Colin Stuart Pumps from VictoriasSecret online

                                                      Sheer bouse and pleated skirt: Burlington

                                                                  Necklace and earrings: Gifted          

                                                           Floral clutch: Thrifted               

                                                        Bracelet: Target/DIY

It was a hot, sunny and windy day and I was pretty much sweaty...thinking of getting an ice cold glass of water for dehydration.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Orange Hue..

 The weekend has been great so far. The only glitch is the weather. It was about 90 degrees in the twin cities today. It was scorching hot!! The forecast is pretty much the same tomorrow too. It's my friend's daughter's birthday today and we went to the buffet restaurant to celebrate. My darling hubby came along and it is always so nice when he comes for the kid's friends' birthday. His favorite thing to do is to pray for the kids on their special day. If you read my introduction to my blog, you must know by now that my faith is a big part of my life; every other thing is just secondary. Some people believe this is a contradiction. They think Christians are not supposed to spend time looking good and to this I just reply; "I don't spend time looking good-I just look good!!" Ha! Ha!!...:)

More so, after Christ was crucified, the roman soldiers cast lots for his clothing. You see that??? His clothing was so unique that they cast lots for it! Anyways, I'll share with you and my future readers what I wore to the birthday party in this hot steamy weather. Aside from blazers, my other favorite clothing item are dresses and I am just gradually throwing in skirts piece by piece into my closet.

                 A little tired but still a supermom!..:)

Chipped Nails: from doing house chores...:)

    Sun glasses: Target

              Necklace: Random (do not remember where) Ring: Burlington

Dress and tights: Tj Maxx/Wedges: Steve Madden

I will share with you some more pictures from the outing.

   My hubby took these pics so he was not in the shots but you can see some more family photos here

                                      My latest darling girl that turned one a couple of months ago            

Birthday girl in her sun glasses..:)

Have a nice week everyone and please be safe as you celebrate graduations, birthdays and other parties.


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