Monday, September 3, 2012

Colorful...Part One!

Hi beautiful readers;"Happy Labor day." I hope you are enjoying yourself amidst busy schedules or relaxation. I plan to have some relaxation today with family and friends. It's gradually coming to the end of the year and the Summer is almost over..ohhhh!! **Sad**
The flowers in my yard were starting to react to the upcoming cold dreary weather and were starting to dry up even though I water them every day. I got tired of them looking like that and decided do a yard makeover; trying hard to enjoy my beautiful Summer and stretch it as far as I could...:)

I went to the flower shop and got new fresh flower pots and my porch was looking sweet and colorful again just like the beginning of Summer. My porch was looking so colorful that I got inspired to look the same. I rummaged in my closet and threw on as much color as I could and here is the colorful look...:)

I decided to title this post "Colorful ...Part One because I know I am going to be inspired again by my porch sometime soon..

This is an old orange blouse I have had for ages but rarely wear.

Every outfit I wore are "Oldies" including this brown DIY clutch which is now so old that it is crinkling. It used to have a strap which I took off and just converted into a clutch.

The brown cropped pants are also well worn and I remember I purchased it from TjMaxx. The shoes are Jessica Simpson and I really love the cobalt blue color

Sun glasses, ear-rings and wooden bangle are from Target

Orange color ring is from Burlington Coat factory

  As you can see I have started to put on pants. I really do prefer my dresses and skirts though. They give me more confidence especially when they are A-lined or flared out. I am a very curvy lady and pants just bring out all the curves even when I am wearing shapers. However, I have more denim and dress pants in my closet because when you live in the state of Minnesota, with long winter months, you really do not have a choice about that.

See you again soon beautiful readers. How many of you watch the TV show "Married to Jonas" on E? It's so nice to have a christian reality show on TV. 'got tired of those silly reality shows where the ladies scream and curse each other out all day. If they don't have better things to do, let them come over to Blogs Ville where we have nothing but fun. **Bless you all!**

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