Friday, December 13, 2013

Fall..Oh Fall

Plaid dress: T. J. Maxx (old)
Scarf, tights, bracelets: Target
Jacket: Fashion Bug (old)
Boots: DSW

              I just know it; fall (Autumn) is my favorite time of the year.
              The weather gets cold but cool enough to bear
              Beautiful nice weather that is just cold enough to put on some layers and still look chic
              or snuggle under the blankets with a nice cup of hot tea.

              Now it's Winter and everything is just different
              How I miss my beloved Fall; my favorite time of the year.
              But am glad every day of the last fall was well spent
              And these pictures are good evidence hence I posted them here

              Last fall, I got some good exercise working in the yard
              and enjoyed the sound of the rake "swissshing" the leaves
              Now any exercise outside puts me continually on my  guard
              And the most common sound is that of tires "shuzzzing" in the snowy streets

               I thank God though that there is a season for everything
               And I know one thing for certain
               The seasons must all come and go
               So that every living thing surely can grow

               However,  I miss my fall-oh fall!

                                                                          Beauty Ojo
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