Saturday, September 14, 2013


Top: T. J. Maxx
Purse & Pants: old
Shoes: Zigisoho via DSW

Hi Everyone, it's been a while; like a week? there were times a while ago when I used to sign in and check my blog every day for updates and I even had time to go visiting other blogs but these days, I do go a number of days without checking in and it's not because I lost interest or do not love blogging anymore. I have just been a little busy with family life and with the new addition coming into the family, I try to relax and just laze around during my spare time...:)

I'm also using this time to seek out ways I can improve my blog outlook especially my pictures...:) I have been holding unto and using my old crappy camera because I'm too thrifty to retire it. Hubby has even asked to upgrade my camera a couple of times but I told him not to bother. Thanks to my little one, the camera would finally be going  in the trash soon..:) She accidentally knocked the camera against the wall when most of the pics in it had not been uploaded. I managed to save some of them and these pics are some of the pics that were recovered. I took them a couple of weeks ago.

I have since retired the black ankle pants as they do not fit anymore and are a bit old now and I recently ordered a new pair from loft. I went up two sizes and would pay some alteration dues when the time comes...:-D

                                    Thanks so much for visiting and do have a lovely weekend.

                                                                           Beauty Ojo
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