Thursday, July 12, 2012

Simple Work Chic..

Yeah, I have on a new- hair do. It is short and feels really comfortable in this summer heat. I have done so much stuff to my hair in the last few years which includes having dreads for almost four years. I actually used my dreadlocks for my wedding (dressed up really nice, put up in pony tail for the ceremony and let loose for the reception) amidst pleas by some family members to get something more bridal..:) You can see some wedding pictures here... I took it of when I was pregnant with my first child and I am seriously thinking of having it done again. Right now, I just wear wigs and weaves and occasional braids. I kind of like this new look but also miss my long weave...Anyway, enough about my hair. Let's talk about my outfit...:)

I am wearing this simple flared A-line skirt that was custom made for me by my lovely seamstress. I found the fabric at the fabric store and really liked the dark green color and the damask-floral pattern which is not obvious from these pics. I also like that the skirt is flared and I accessorized it with a DIY belt I used to wear with my denim pants but now use with this skirt. I am wearing a cream color sheer blouse I have had for ages..

Cream color sheer blouse is random (old)

Skirt is custom made and chain belt is DIY

Handbag is random..

Black Patent pumps are from Quipid.

Necklace is thrifted...

Ring is from Burlington Coat factory.

Damask Floral pattern on skirt is not so obvious...

Have a wonderful week everyone...the week is almost coming to its end and I am looking forward to it. Always remember to count your blessings. We feel sad and depressed a lot of times because we never pause to count our blessings. All we see are those wonderful things and opportunities that never happened. Well, what about the ones that did?...:) See you again soon. **Kisses!!**

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