Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Work Wear: wearing White after Labor Day

Happy Tuesday Friends; it's a short work week for those of us that reside in the United States. I hope you had a fun Labor Day holiday yesterday. So, we are back to work today and the kids are back to school. It was the first day of school for my kids today and I was glad to send them off with prayers and thanksgiving. It's the best thing parents can do for their kids apart from providing them with all their needs; praying for them. I pray for my kids before they start a new school year for God to protect and guide them and help them make the right decisions at all times. The prayer has to continue too; not just a one day thing 😀 Okay, back to "Mommy Fashion;"what do you wear to work the day after Labor Day holiday which is the official end of summer? What do you say about the ongoing debate of not wearing white after Labor day? It's a rule that has been debunked long time ago as most people wear whites even well into the winter; winter whites anyone? The ongoing debate about not wearing whites after labor day by Fashion bloggers is just a fun debate at this time of the year; just something to talk about; so let's leave that old lady's tale alone 😊

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