Saturday, May 9, 2015

My Mother's Day Gift

Happy Mother's day to me and all the females everywhere!! The Female Gender is awesome; ladies I received my mother's day gift to myself this morning and you all already know what it is..**smiling** Yes, we love shoes in this space; they do not necessarily have to be red bottoms and they also do not have to rhyme with the phrase "gimme shoes" but they just have to be pretty with a good pointy high heel. The red bottoms and other high designers get on the wish list sometimes too but not always...

Can you believe this is my first purchase from Asos ever? Yes, I admit it with all honesty. I do not know why I waited this long to make a purchase from Asos with all the buzz that has been going on about the store on social media for a long time. I think unconsciously, I tend to give more support to the American chains because I discovered I rarely shop at Zara and H&M too and only have few pieces in my closet from theses chains.

"Why all this story?" you might ask..well, I don't know; I just thought I should fill you in on this little tit-bit about my shopping habit. So, as I said earlier, I purchased my mother's day gift; a black pair of black suede pumps from Asos a week ago and I received the package this morning. I wore the heels for sometime in the house today to break them in and they are super comfy and crazily affordable too. I realized last minute as I put them away in my shoe closet that I already had a similar pair from Victoria Secret which I wore in this post here and here. The Christian Louboutin So Kate Suede Pumps are still on my wish list so, if any one wants to give "yours Sincerely" here a gift, you know what to get...**grinning.**

                                                                GET A PAIR HERE.

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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2

Mother's Day List 2

Lacy red dress
$23 -

PRADA Trolley

Versace perfume fragrance
$77 -

Cherry perfume

Body moisturizer

GHD blow dryer

Rowenta flat iron

Philippa Craddock red flower bouquet
$195 -

Vintage teapot

Wooden box

Wedgwood kitchen dining
$31 -

$9.50 -

We know Mother's day is tomorrow and there is still little time to get something for our mothers and the special ladies in our lives. This is another gift list for ideas on what we can give as gifts to put a smile on her face. Check out Gift Guide 1 here. Have a great weekend everyone.

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