Tuesday, March 26, 2019

How to Style: Camel Coat and Leopard print Slingbacks

Now that Spring is here, it is time to ditch the boots for sandals, open toed shoes and slingbacks. If you need inspiration on how to slowly incorporate these style of shoes into your wardrobe, this outfit inspiration is for you. In the look above, the leopard print slingbacks is the statement piece in the set because it complements the camel coat nicely and still stands on its own. Now if you do not know exactly what slingbacks are, this is a lesson for you. "A slingback is a style of shoes that is closed in front and open at the back and usually with a strap at the back of the shoes. When the back strap is missing, the shoe is referred to as a mule and in some instances as a slide.To make this look wearable for spring, make sure the coat is long but not too long to cover your shoes and you can wear stockings too if you choose but ensure that you wear a pair that is close to your skin tone. Happy styling.

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