Sunday, November 23, 2014

Stripes, straps and tassels

Hi Friends, let's do the weather update first before talking about this outfit because to tell you the truth, if you live in Minnesota, the weather and dressing/outfits go hand in hand. You can never separate the two. You have to dress for the weather at all times. Well, it did get warmer like it was predicted for this weekend but there was absolutely no sun yesterday and today too. In fact, we had fog for a couple of hours this morning. Since, it was not too cold out, I didn't need to do a lot of layering and only had my red trench coat instead of a winter jacket. Do you know that I'm wearing a skirt and a top and not a dress in this post? Let me break down the outfit...:-).

Remember this stripped skirt I wore in the summer in this post? Okay, I'm wearing the same skirt along with a cropped top I bought from Forever 21 over the summer. The stripes are not the same size but since the colors in both pieces are alike, I decided to do some stripe on stripe mixing. The cropped top is very cropped indeed (above the navel) so I layered a black tank top underneath it and tucked it into the skirt then I cinched my waist with this black belt with tassels that I got at the thrift store and blogged about here. My new Altuzarra by Target knee boots completed the look along with a black cross body bag. I really wish this boots came in brown color too because I actually love it so much. They are practically sold out now. The only headache is the straps around the boots. They look kind of messy and since I couldn't loop it around the same way it was looped by the manufacturers, I just let the thing go and then my cross body bag straps; hence the title of the post; Stripes, straps and tassels.

Cropped top: Forever 21
Skirt: LOFT
Boots: Altuzarra for Target Sold out
Cross body bag: Jacqueline Ferrar
Trench Coat: Old Navy

I wish you all of God's blessings in the new week. Thanksgiving holiday is almost here and there are tons of things to thank God for; definitely time to count our blessings.

                                                           Thanks so much for stopping by

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