Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy or Sad?

Hi everyone; hope we are all keeping warm in this never ending Winter?...:-) We are currently having a winter storm in Minnesota. I took these pictures about two hours ago just when the snow flakes started flying. Right now, we have close to four inches of snow on the ground and there are huge flakes still dropping from the sky. I am happy that I'm home on maternity leave and do not have to do a lot of driving; that means I get to play in the snow with my kids whenever I want...;-) However, I understand that there are others that have to wake up and clean the snow from their driveways, from their cars and then drive in it to work. On the other hand, there are others who rely on the snow to make a living; like those who work on the ski resort. So, some are happy for the snow storm while others are not. Well, I'm home wearing my old sweater dress I purchased from Victoriassecret a while back. I layered it with a yellow scarf for some splash of color and a faux fur vest I recently purchased from a local mall. I love the snaps on the vest. My new booties from Victoriassecret completed the look.


Sweater dress: Victoriassecret
Vest: Neighborhood boutique
Scarf: T. J. Maxx
Tights: Express
Booties: Victoriassecret

Happy or sad? Whose side are you on if you are among those dealing with the winter blues right now?

Thanks so much for your comments...:-)

Beauty Ojo

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