Sunday, October 14, 2012

Leopard, brown, bronze and shutter happy!

This is a very long post full of pictures that are edited and unedited and clear and fuzzy at the same time. I was dressed up in a big leopard print blouse which I bought a long time ago more for the fabric pattern than the style of the blouse. I just love leopard prints and can not get enough of it! I wore this blouse a lot when I was pregnant because it is big and flowy and can hide a few curves. I have paired it with tan pants, brown color pants and even denim. I decided to dress it with brown Capri pants and some bronze color heels in this shoot.

The leopard print blouse which is 100% silk and very comfy is from Newport News and my Capri pants are from Tj Maxx.

Sunnies are from Target stores and bracelet and brown clutch were shopped from my closet (very old)

Necklace is from Dress Barn

Bronze heels are Colin Stuart from Victoriassecret..

The weather was very windy, cool and beautiful and I was just enjoying the outdoors and taking in all the beautiful colors of the Fall season which I just can't get enough off. My Fall wardrobe in the past consisted of brown and black colors and gradually went down to all black until the Winter season was over. However, this time, I have made up my mind to incorporate colors into my wardrobe the whole year through! The fact that it is very cold during the Fall and Winter Season does not mean that my wardrobe should be bland and boring.

The weather or circumstances around us should not determine our happiness or frame of mind. We should always have the mind of a Victor at all times in order to dominate every situation in our life. And in situations when it seems like things are not working the way we want them to, we should still not lose our composture. Hold unto your faith and positive confession and you will be able to overcome all situation around you and emerge a victorious person that God has made you through Christ Jesus.

Just come as you are to God; happy or unhappy, rich or poor, bound or free and he'll take care of you. That is the reason I decided to post all my pictures from this shoot just the way they are; clear or unclear, edited and unedited. I have my hair flying in some of the pictures but it is still okay. Nothing matters in life without God. We cannot achieve perfection on our own except we give our lves to God for him to take total control of it. It is Sunday y'all. Please go to Church!

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