Monday, April 22, 2019

Styling Neutrals: Tweed Waist tie Coat + Wide legged Pant

Monochrome styling is one of my favorite way of styling neutrals aside from pairing them with whites like I did here in a similar styling. However, when styling neutral colors like tan, beige and light browns, it is essential to mix textures into the outfit or the whole look would look like a uniform. In my styling here, I wore a tan color turtle neck top that I wore and talked about here over tan colored trousers and pumps and threw on an oversized tweed tie waist coat over the look. Tweed we know, is very rich in texture and the leopard prints bag also has some texture to it. All these pieces together add some interest to the outfit. The tweed coat is an old purchase from Target which comes in quite handy every winter. I was not able to find affordable tweed coats to link up to this post so I linked khaki trench coats instead. What other styling tip do you have for styling neutrals? Do share in the comments below and thank you so much for stopping by here.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Macy's Sale and Deals

Mother's Day is around the corner and the deals and discounts have started showing up in retail Stores. Macy's  presently has weekend sales going on and there are lots of items that have up to 30% off discounts. I like to shop for bedding and house wares at Macys and after browsing their site recently, I checked out some of these items that are on sale to share with you on here and you can consider this as a gift guide because it is not too early to start buying gifts for Mother's Day. If you are interested in purchasing from Macys, know that there is a 25% discount for first time purchase made on their App when you download it from the App store. The only con is that, the 25% discount code does not apply right away when you download or purchase from the app. You will have to wait a couple days to get the discount code in the mail. Happy viewing, happy shopping.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Blue leather Skirt and other unique accessories

A blue leather skirt is very unique and edgy because the color is not so common when it comes to leather skirts; no wonder this blue cotton blend A-line leather skirt sells for $450 and it is not even authentic leather! The skirt is really classy though, again, mostly for the color and style. I paired the skirt with a black and white statement sweater, white sock boots, blue woven Cult Gaia bag and neon earrings. Each of these statement pieces, though different colors, complement the blue skirt nicely. In a different outfit, all these different accessories coming together would have been too busy and mismatched; here; the accessories add lots of texture and interest to the outfit. Happy viewing, happy styling.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

White teddy coat + White knit dress + Styling trends

The teddy bear coat has been trending for a while now and I have had this off white teddy coat in my closet in ages along with this off white sweater dress that I have styled on this blog so many times, first time in this blog post. And just an aside; it is very important for us to take care of whatever belongs to us, but not in a selfish way though. Let go of things you need to let go off and take care of the things you need to keep. I took care of this beautiful knit dress I purchased from Victorias' Secret over ten years ago and that is why I still have it in my closet today.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Grey Monochrome Styling: Long Coat + Clear Bag

Happy Monday everyone; this another monochrome styling on the blog today just like the one I did here. This time, I'm doing an all grey monochromatic look that is suitable to wear to work any day this season. I know it is spring already but it is still cold here; cold enough to keep putting on layers. Here, I wore a grey color turtle neck sweater over grey color pants and this pants are really comfy; an old purchase from Macy's. The statement piece in this outfit is this long grey coat which I donned on more for style than for warmth because I was already dressed warm with the sweater. And as usual, this is one of the coats I got from the consignment store. It is a pre-owned 100% wool coat that would sell for hundreds of dollars new, at the retail store but I got it for less than a hundred bucks. This plaid transparent bag tote that I blogged about here completed the look along with this V-style  slip on booties. This look is suitable for work and any other formal event on a very cold day. What have you been up to? Thanks so much for stopping by here 😆

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Shoe Lovin'

I have been loving embellished shoes al lot lately to the extent that I even did some DIY on a couple of my pumps like the one I wore in this post here. So, when I saw this black embellished pumps on the Nordstrom website, it was pretty much love at first sight. I love the combination of faux silver and cymbals embellishment and this would look great paired with denim and a white tee or paired with an all black outfit. If you want to check out the pumps, they come in two other colors; blush suede and lilac suede here.

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Friday, April 5, 2019

Camel Coat + Brown Accessories

It is my blog's seven years anniversary and I'm really thankful to God and grateful for my readers and everyone who stops by here. I have thought of quitting so many times but realized that is even harder to quit than it is to run this blog. I have taken blog breaks so many times over the years but found out that the break only stops short of me publishing my posts. I still take pictures and write blog posts while I'm on break; after all, it's somewhat easy; I take all my pictures around my home using a tripod and remote control. So, I found out that, so long as I wear clothes and have internet connection, it'll be hard to really stop writing. Also, I end up publishing all my archived or draft posts when I'm done with my break; haha! 😊 Again, happy blog anniversary to me!

Thursday, April 4, 2019

How to style a Sweat Shirt for Work.

I do not wear sweatshirts often but this piece I am wearing here is my favorite and it comes into heavy rotation in the cold season. Another sweatshirt that I own and have styled on the blog is this cropped graphic sweatshirt here. We all know that sweatshirts are very casual and are really meant for lounging (if it is really oversized) and occasional trips to the grocery store unless you are a high school or college student. I am showing in this post how I styled a sweatshirt for work; and not so formal work, that is. If you work in a very corporate space, sweat shirts are a complete no-no. However, these days, a lot of jobs are more relaxed when it comes to work attire and work wear has become less formal day by day. For this look, I paired my cream color sweat shirt with a very long plaid pants and topped the look with a wine color coat since the weather is still chilly. It is a very simple look that can be worn to work and the key is to keep the whole look simple and classy. My tips for styling this look include;

Keep it neutral and fitted:

If you choose to style a sweatshirt for an outing where you would like to look well put together, ensure that the sweatshirt is of a neutral color like creams, browns, black and very light greys. Stay away from very loud colors and definitely stay away from whites. A white sweatshirt screams too casual for me. Another tip is to ensure that the sweatshirt is a little fitted. It can be a little boxy too depending on the kind of pants you want to wear with it.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The number one bag for the Summer

Summer might seem so far away because spring just started not too long ago but when you look in the stores, you can tell that it is closer than you think. A lot of retail stores have already stocked up for the summer and from what I see, the straw bag or woven bag is still the official bag of the season. The only difference in the trend this year is that we are going to start seeing more of  colorful straw/woven bags and also rope straw bags. This red woven rope bag from Topshop is a show stopper. It's color, size and material from which it was made, makes it a statement bag. The styling options for this piece are just endless. Pair it with denims for that cool and edgy casual vibes or pair it with whites for a great pop of color.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Beautiful dresses to add to your closet from SHEIN

Easter and Mother's Day holidays/celebration are around the corner and it is time to add one or two pieces to your wardrobe if you can afford it.  The holiday sales and discounts that are present at this time, entices us to freshen up our wardrobe.You know how it is ladies; you wear an outfit to an event one time and you are a bit reluctant to wear it to a second event or party especially when you have the same circle of friends. If you are considering getting new outfit for the upcoming celebrations, consider shopping at SHEIN.

With stores like Shein, gone are the days when ladies would spend lots of money fitting their wardrobe with new essentials for a new season or the holidays. With just $50 today, you can get a good outfit (a dress) and accessories to wear to an event. The quality might not be the best; but surely good enough for a one time appearance when you are on a budget. And then, there is always the styling option of mixing high and lows. Below are some of my favorite selections right now after filtering through the hundreds of dress options. Happy viewing.

*This is not a sponsored Post.*


                                                                                Dress            Floral Dress


                                                                      Ruffle Dress        Lace Panel Dress

Monday, April 1, 2019

Wine color Monochrome Outfit + Tweed oversized Coat

In my previous post, I styled a monochromatic neutral look and for this post today, I decided to do another monochromatic styling with a punch of color this time. I paired my wine color cable knit sweater over a pair of wine color corduroy pants and the cable knit on the sweater adds texture to the outfit. For warmth, I threw on a tweed coat to break the monochromatic styling. A black pair of ankle boots and a black purse completed this simple, casual look. In warmer weather, the coat can be switched out for a light weight blazer. This look can be worn to most casual events and just about anywhere by switching out a piece or two. Again for warmer temps, I can switch out the sweater for a neck-tie blouse like this piece here.

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