Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Spring Trends - 1

Spring Trends; Stripes

                                                Spring Trends; Stripes by ojomrs featuring long sleeve shirts

RED Valentino black dress
$910 -

Black bodycon dress

Alexander McQueen long sleeve shirt
$1,460 -

Ballet shoes
$145 -

Spring Trends; pleats

Bubble dress
$20 -

ElevenParis white short sleeve shirt
$20 -

Long maxi skirt

Heeled ankle boots

Love moschino handbag
$210 -

18k jewelry

Gucci brown glasses

So, Spring is around the corner; woot! woot!! Just as the seasons go round in circles, so also are Fashion-trends; they just keep recycling from season to season with little variation here and there. The trends for Spring 2016 are already here and I am sharing some of my favorites on the blog and this is the first part in the series. As we know, "Pleats and Stripes" have been around for a while and they certainly are not going anywhere; they would make their mark this coming Spring yet again. Now let's enjoy these pieces while we wait for Spring to roll by...

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                                                           Beauty Ojo

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