Saturday, November 2, 2013

Summer Flashback

I attended a friend's wedding during the summer and really had a great time. This wine colored dress was purchased from Venus online store a couple of years ago. The warm color and high quality fabric makes it one of my favorite pieces. Some people get scared and judgmental when they see a pregnant woman in heels but  I'm glad I got none of those funny stares at my friend's wedding. My hubby drove and all I did when I got there was sit down and have a good time; I never danced though...:) I only got up to take a couple of pictures and also made all those endless trips to the bathroom...:) I'm in my last trimester right now and really feeling great. God is good to me and I never fail to thank him for his love and goodness. With thanksgiving just around the corner, let's pause to count all those endless blessings in our lives.

Dress: Venus
Bracelet: Target
Clutch: T. J. Maxx
Shoes: Cupid

I loved the purple and green d├ęcor

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                                                                              Beauty Ojo

Boots in...

So, I got my new flat soled boots! Most of the boots I had in my closet before this new arrival were high heeled boots and the flat soled boots were basically worn out and out of shape...:) As usual, the first place I turned to when I started searching for the perfect pair was Their shoes are pretty affordable, of good quality and trendy. After browsing through the site, I picked my favorite pairs under $100.00 and blogged about them here. My first choice however, was the Report Maverick Riding boot which was a little over a $100. My intention was not to spend any amount over a $100 and when I got a coupon in the mail for $10 off plus the free shipping that was advertised on the site, I decided that it was time to make the purchase. And now I got my cute riding boots. My baby is due this winter and this will definitely go on several outings to all those clinical visits and post-natal check-ups. I'm glad and excited to be a mom for the fourth time and I want to remain stylish while at it...:)

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Beauty Ojo

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