Saturday, September 1, 2012

My new look

Hi beautiful people of Blogs ville! I have on a new look. "A major make-over" which I hope is not so drastic. I had been thinking of getting this new look for a while because I just got tired of all those hair extensions and wigs and I finally did it. I cut off my natural hair which was of modest length and got this short cut in comb twists. Hope you like it..:)

A lot of my friends say it makes me look younger which I think is true. Most of the time, women in their middle to late ages are known to go with short hair cuts to look look younger. I am in my mid-thirties though and was not too sure at first if this principle was going to apply to me..

Hmmm, what do you think? I do intend to change my look from time to time though by using wigs and extensions if need be. I am under grace and at liberty to do whatever I like and feel is best for my look so long as hubby loves it right? **Grinning**

Now let's talk about fashion...Yay!!! I am wearing this blouse from Next which is one of many I got as gifts from my Uncle who lives in Manchester in the UK. My younger brother who is as busy as I am with family and work took some time off to visit my Uncle last year and came back with lots of goodies for me, my hubby and kids. I'll love to go to the UK some time soon for my own vacation and some retail therapy. Aside from those transit stops at Amsterdam Airport en route to Africa, I have not visited the UK officially. I should get a vacation soon.

I paired the plaid shirt with this white stretch pants from Express and the bold red bag from Aldo.

A very simple look that can be worn to work on a "Casual Look Work-day," to visit friends or just to make an appearance at an outdoor event in which I'll switch the heels for flats..

Wearing Mr. KT Market shoes from Designer Shoe Warehouse in a nude color

Earings and necklace are thrifted and since they are so bold, I decided to wear a simple wooden bangle on my wrist and a red ring from Burlington.

Do you beautiful readers like this simple but clean look?

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving comments. Remember God loves you and me to pieces!! ** Kisses**



Double dose for September!!

Hi Everyone, it's September! Can you believe it? Oh my...well, it is okay. The year can run as fast as it can so long as we run with it. However, it looks like the race is $100 meters dash every hour; the likes that Husein Bolt does...:) As we run this race, we need to dominate and win. So, are you all achieving wonderful things as the year is running so quick into a new year?

Well, I have achieved quite a bit. One of which was undergoing a major transformation recently. I cut off my natural hair which I never really styled by itself anyway. Its been wigs after wigs after wigs. So cutting my hair was a great liberation.

The pictures in this post are pictures I took some weeks back and forgot about. I will share them with you before I post my new make-over pics.

Do you recognize this top from a previous post I did? One of my deck outfit collages? Check out the collage here.

Or do you recognize this pair of shoes from the same outfit collage? The Super Model leopard pumps from Victoriassecret...well, I finally decided to pair the top with the shoes to get an over dose of prints!!

Just a warning..this post is an overdose of prints and pictures so, beware!!!.**hehehe** You know Halloween is around the corner which is also my birthday (although I do not celebrate the holiday)

The top I am wearing here is actually a dress which I just tucked into this black skirt I have had for a while now. You might be tired of hearing me say this particular phrase by now and that is because most of my clothes are oldies. I have not bought any new clothes recently but have purchased some new shoes....hmmm

The bracelet and ring are from Burlington.

Purse is old too so, I do not remember what shop I got it from  but probably TjMaxx cos I shop there often.

So, that's the ensemble. Check out the outfit collage here again if you didn't already..:) I had so much fun the day I wore this outfit because hubby and I had a thousand places to go...:) We had not seen some friends for a while and had gone over to their place to say hi. Come along, let me show you some more pics I took that day; OVERDOSE! remember?

The pictures below are pictures I took at a friend's place. I had not seen her for a long time prior and we had so much fun because we caught up on gists and gossips...:) My friend loves to read a lot and she always has all these new collection of books in her book case.

Can you guess what was happening in the pic below? Hubby wanted to take some pictures of me and I told him I wanted to strike a "Super-Model" pose. I am putting on Super Model Pumps, remember? I flung my extensions in the air which got everyone laughing...

I was laughing so hard at all the efforts I was making to strike a perfect pose that I could not keep up with the pose or maintain a straight face and hubby just kept on clicking the camera away while everyone was cheering me was so funny!

And then, I finally got the pose I wanted. The perfect pose worthy of a lady wearing the "Super Model" pumps...hehehehe..:)

Have a nice day everyone and proceed to the next post to see my new make-over pics.

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