Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Closet Update

Pointed toe Pumps

Hi everyone; so, I'm still enjoying my mini vacation; spending time with my lovely family and making sure the kids are settled in nicely for the new school year. My Labor day holiday was quiet; I spent the day indoors watching movies with the family then dashed out of the house in the evening to get last minute supplies for the kids but I did not leave myself out...:-). I took advantage of all the savings and discounts I could find online and in-store and stocked up on my favorite things; shoes.
I would say that I gave my closet a "Shoe Makeover." Or let's just say I got bitten by the pointed toe shoes bug.

Prior to now, I only owned mostly round toe or almond toe pumps and never really cared for pointed toe shoes that much; except for a few pairs I purchased either because they were on sale and too good to pass or I liked the color or design so much that I could not resist. Also, I feel like my feet are wide and my toes so huge that pointed toe pumps were somewhat uncomfortable. Well, that was my feeling years and months back. Fast forward to today and I have gradually replaced every round toe shoe in my closet with a pointed toe pair.

There has been a lot of hype about pointed toe shoes or court shoes (as some people call them) of recent and all those platform shoes that were trending a few seasons ago are now backstage or deep down in the closet. I have read blogs where there were ongoing debates about pointed toe shoes versus platform shoes. Some ladies are of the opinion that pointed toe shoes are classy and chic and should be the only shoes that trendy or classy women should wear. In my opinion, "it is the woman that makes the shoe classic and chic. When you are confident in whatever you wear; whether it is pointed toe shoes or round toe shoes, you will be classy and chic." Platform or pointed toe shoes are trends that come and go and as we all know, fashion trends keep recycling over the years. You might be thinking; "why did I bother updating my shoe closet then?"

 And my answer is this; "I love having fun with fashion." And that is the premise behind this little blog of mine; to document every trend I'm willing to experiment with. So, I just had to do a shoe closet makeover and as for my toes and feet being too wide, well, they just have to adjust for now..:-). However, I'll still wear my round toe pumps whenever I want because no one is going to sue me if I do...:-).

Well, in order to find a happy medium and make everyone happy, hubby included, I did not purchase any expensive item or make any major splurge and it's been a gradual process for months. 80% of my shoes are from Victorias secret anyway and their shoes are pretty affordable with a couple of louboutins thrown in here and there. I also bought some pairs on sale at Charlotte Russe recently after I discovered  that they sell quality items too. There are other pointed toe shoes I have owned for years that are not shown here but I would certainly be wearing them all now.

Now, I really like this calf prints pair here from VS and I loved the splurge here that was on my Summer List and this pair here but I couldn't bring myself to splurge. You know, it's all about finding a happy medium and making everyone happy.
I trust everyone is happy and well?

                                                            Thanks so much for stopping by

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