Monday, January 14, 2013

The Race goes on..

So it's 2013 just in case there are some people out there who have been living under the rocks but this statement is not meant to be funny. It's just my own way of saying that life goes on along with all dreams and aspirations. I thank God for everyone who made it to this new year and if you are reading my blog at this time; I thank God for you and want to tell you that God loves you dearly!

As for me, my love for God and family endures and also my love for fashion. So far, I have succeeded in incorporating a lot of colorful pieces into my wardrobe and I'm going to start working on my hair, nails and make-up next. I'll lift my shopping ban some time this year when I'm done rotating all the clothes in my closet with the goal of keeping what I need and giving out the ones I don't need that someone else can find useful. "Go Green everyone!!"..:)


I have also decided to start giving credits to the stores where my clothes came from and if I do not remember where something was purchased I would just say "random" or from "my" I do remember I had said earlier in one of my posts that I do not feel it was necessary to list purchase information and it was mostly because I did not remember where some of my items were purchased because I have not bought new items in a long time and moreover, I thought that the stores were not compensating me for the advert anyways...:) However, I discovered that when I visit other fashion blogs, I'm always interested to know where particular pieces that I like came from. Therefore, I guess a blog is not really a fashion blog unless it has these information.

So, I am wearing the only leather skirt I own which I purchased from Old Navy a while back.
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