Monday, October 12, 2015

Walk in green

Hi Friends; happy Monday; I hope the day is going great so far. It is cold and windy over here in my neck of the woods. it was very warm and sunny yesterday and the weather was just warm and unbelievably beautiful but we woke up this morning to a huge surprise. I might not like the cold associated with the beautiful weather but I definitely love fall fashion. This cape-like trench has been in my closet since last year and I decided to get it out today. So here goes my first official jacket or outerwear for the season.
I scored this Calvin Klein trench coat from TJ Maxx at the end of season sale last year and I tell you the end of spring and beginning of summer is the best time to buy outerwear because there are lots of end of season's sales.

Trench coat: Calvin Klein via T. J Maxx
Denim: Target
Pumps: DSW




 Do you like military inspired look? Let's say "Yay" to trench season.
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