Friday, December 29, 2023

New Year's Outfit Inspiration: Sequin skirt and bling Accessories

       New years' outfit is usually fancy, sparkly and glamorous with lots of sequins and shine. If you plan on dressing up this year and need some outfit inspiration to wear to a nice dress up New Year's event, these fashion collages can serve as inspiration for you. As always, you can modify the accessories to suit your event and taste. 

Saturday, December 23, 2023

The Holiday Outfit staples: A sequin dress and a velvet blazer


        Another title for this blog post would be; "Christmas holiday Outfit essentials." Nothing says I wish you a merry Christmas in an outfit more than a sequin dress, a velvet blazer, metallic heels and a sparkly clutch, all in one if that makes sense. This is my last post on the blog this year. I wish you and yours a very merry, happy, safe and blessed Christmas and a happy new year. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Be blessed always. Merry Christmas again 🎄

Blazer      Pumps

Last Minute Gift Ideas

                            YSL Fragrance / Lip Set / Slides / Blanket / Bracelet / Pumpkin Mug

         Gift giving is not all that Christmas is about, but it certainly adds to the joy of the season and increases the Christmas cheer. It's just a few days to Christmas and if you are still in search of last-minute gift ideas under $50, look no further. Some items on the list are small enough to be stocking stuffers. 

It's a little late to get these gifts to your loved ones by Christmas day if you intend to put them in the mail but it's still okay if they get there the day after Christmas or the day after that or the day after know what I mean? It is the thought that counts. There are no rules when it comes to sharing of love and joy in the season of giving. And as always, never forget that Jesus is the reason for the season 🎄

Friday, December 22, 2023

Restyling an old skirt from my closet for Christmas


        Christmas Church service, family Christmas dinner party? The invitation can come last minute and when it does, you should be able to get ready quickly. One thing I would like to commit to in the new year, is to live sustainably. And sustainable living includes restyling pieces from my closet over and over. In this post, I'm wearing this tulle dress which is actually a tulle skirt previously worn here. To restyle it as a dress, I cinched it with a large belt and pulled the upper part of the skirt over the belt to hide the belt and also to form a bodice. I threw a blazer over it and accessorized with pink accessories. This outfit can be worn to church, informal Christmas parties and concerts. Wishing you a very, very merry Christmas! 🎄

Winter Fashion Trend: Metallics

        One of the big trends this season is "Metallics." This hue has somewhat taken over the fashion scene as we can see it in clothing and accessories. Usually, silver and gold metallics is a big trend during the holiday season but this season, we are leaving the gold metallics behind and mostly sticking with the silver metallics as we talk about winter fashion. One piece I really love is the metallic skirt trend as seen here and here and here. 

This midi length pencil skirt is different from the metallic pleated skirt that was a big trend seasons ago but that does not mean you can no longer wear your pleated skirt if you still have it.  This season, all silver metallics is on trend. And as always, if you do not want to wear a full metallic outfit like a dress or pieces like skirt or pant, you can accessorize with accessories like silver metallic purses and shoes. It's all about having fun with fashion. I had to pull out old pictures from my archives in order to comment on this trend 😁

                           Metallic bucket Bag    Slingback Pumps

Thursday, December 21, 2023

Red is the color of the Season

        Red is the color of the season and it is not just because of the Christmas holiday. This vibrant hue can be seen everywhere in the stores and on the gram and on every fashionista; red outfits and accessories are everywhere. If you have never thought much of styling this color, this is the reason to give this beautiful hue a try. There is a shade of red for every complexion. And if you do not want to put on a full red outfit, red accessories would make any outfit pop. Happy styling...

How to have a stress-free Christmas: Lifestyle Edition



       My last post was on how to have a stress-free Christmas: Fashion Edition and this current post deals on lifestyle edition. Now, I'm not talking about what to wear for the holidays but rather how to act in order to have a stress free celebration. I must admit first of all that I am no lifestyle expert but I do have tips that have helped me and I would share them on here. The pictures on this blog post were previously published here on the Blog. And this is also one way I am cutting down on my stress as a fashion blogger; repurposing pictures from my old blog post to create new Christmas content on the blog. So, my tips are as follows;

How to have a stress-free Christmas: Fashion Edition


        Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy, family, sharing and peace as it should be every season but we cannot deny the fact that a lot of people are stressed during Christmas every year. They stress about what to eat, where to go, what to wear or even who and how to entertain. This post is to assure you that it is possible to have a fashionable stress-free Christmas Holiday; "How to have a stress-free Christmas: Fashion Edition."

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Red is the color of the season: Sequin Skirt

        Red is the trending color of the season so it's no surprise that it is showing up in holiday outfits at the retail stores. I was eyeing this red sequin skirt at JCrew before the Thanksgiving holiday and then it sold out pretty quickly even at the steep price of $260. I checked around for an alternative and saw this red midi length sequin skirt at Target.  This skirt is different in color, style and quality though as it's always with dupe items. However, if you style it with the right accessories and pieces, you'll definitely look chic and sophisticated like the model wearing the more expensive JCrew skirt. Everything has to do with styling when it comes to fashion; a mix of high and low 💯

The Target sequin skirt does not have the same quality with the JCrew one from what I can see from the pictures but I think the price of $30 is fit for the quality that you get compared to the splurge sequin skirt at JCrew. The slit on the Target skirt is also a little too deep. If you are shopping for a red sequin skirt for the holiday, you can check out the links below and you can also search on Etsy for different styles at different price points. Happy shopping 😆

                             Skirt   Red Sequin Skirt   Skirt

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

The understated, elegant Holiday Piece you need in your Closet


        Velvet is a fabric that is associated with luxury and festivities and celebration, and velvet outfits have been used in the design and style of party and holiday outfits for years. A velvet outfit like a pantsuit, jumpsuit or a dress, is the understated, elegant piece you need in your closet for the holiday celebration. When you are just tired of the sequins, lace, tulle and silk party dresses, then think of velvet.

The outfits in this post are the different velvet outfits I have worn over the years to celebrate the holidays. You can click the link at the bottom of each outfit to read the blog post about the outfits. I hope this blog post would inspire you to shop for an affordable velvet outfit that you can wear for a long time. Thanks so much for reading.

Last minute Gift Shopping Guide


                  Sweater / Candle / Kitchen Utensil / Cozy socks / Lip Set

        The Christmas season is the season of giving and receiving and if you are still looking for last minute gift ideas that is affordable and yet chic, check out this gift guide that I have put together for you. As always, I would like to remind you that this blog does not run on affiliate links or marketing so the shopping links shared here ("Shop Similar Styles") are for your reading and viewing experience and the prices of the items are the current prices they are today.

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Red Suiting & Holiday Outfit Inspiration


        This blog post is a repost of a blog post I published  a few holidays ago. It is the traditional holiday colored outfit; red, accessorized with the traditional holiday print, plaid. This is a simple and chic way to style a pantsuit for the holiday. If I was restyling a red pantsuit again for the holiday this year, I would switch out the plaid shoes and accessorize with silver accessories or gold metallic.  

Gold and metallic accessories complement red outfits so well. Check out this old Blog Post here.  A red dress is also a great option over a red pantsuit anytime too. And if you do not want to wear a red pantsuit or a red dress, you could create monochrome outfit by pairing a sweater with a pant or a skirt. Are you celebrating the Christmas holiday with any special outfit this year? Thanks so much for reading.

Suit    Heels

Wishing you a Merry, blessed, happy and colorful Christmas

       Eleven days to Christmas and about nineteen days to the end of the year, 2023; I wish everyone a very merry, blessed, happy and colorful Christmas. However, you plan to celebrate this year, big or small, just remember all those that are not able to celebrate at all. In this post, I am wearing a blue pantsuit I purchased from  Asos here and here. It's an outfit I wore earlier in the fall. 

This might not be a typical holiday outfit because of the color but who cares? These days, anything and everything works; gone are the days when Christmas colors were just green, red and white and metallics. Also, a pantsuit can definitely be a holiday outfit; not just skirts and dresses alone. I really love this structured, tailored, Tuxedo Pantsuit here from J.Crew. It's a very chic style of Pantsuit to wear for the holiday. A red, cream, white or black pantsuit with the right accessories would be great to wear to any holiday party. I look forward to sharing more holiday and styling tips in the upcoming blog posts. I love you for stopping by here 😍


Blue Suit   Bag    Heels

Monday, December 11, 2023

Shoe Lovin': Slingback Heels


        Slingback heels are on trend this season and you can purchase them at various price points at different designs from different retailers. This YSL slingback heels is one of the popular trending slingback design this season but for $1,150, the price is definitely a splurge. I love the shape of the heel and the gold tone accents which makes this a festive shoe that can be paired with holiday and party outfits. This Saint Laurent heels is made of glazed leather and that somewhat justifies the price. However, if you love the look but do not like the price, you can check out this look for less here on the H&M website for $54.99.  Happy viewing, happy shopping.

How to style a cargo denim skirt for Fall

        The cargo fashion trend; clothing items made from durable fabric with multiple pockets and wide belt loops; is still going strong as ever. This style which is a resurgence of the Y2K or year2000s fashion trend exudes a vibe of effortless casual chic which I really love. I dabbled into the trend by getting this cargo denim skirt and a pair of khaki pants which I will style in a different post. 

For this fall look, I paired the skirt with a black cropped cardigan and a biker jacket which is my hubs gifted me recently. The jacket is really heavy but it's also very warm and comfy. We know that this skirt already has lots of pockets and paired with a biker jacket, there are even more pockets in the outfit so I decided to tone the look down with a mini bag that I purchased from Aldo Shoes (currently sold out). A pair of Steve Madden booties completed the look. so, my style tip is this; style a mini bag with a cargo piece for an effortless look. Thanks so much for reading.


                          Cargo denim Skirt   Jacket   Mini Bag

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Hello, Hello and Hi Dear


       Hello, hello and hi. It sure has been a long time! This might be the longest I have ever stayed away from this blog. I hope everyone is doing great in this crazy world we live in these days. This is a quick post just to say hi. In this post I am wearing this knit dress I styled here a while back on the blog. There is also a video on my Youtube Channel where I showed several ways to style a knit dress. You can check it out here. I hope to be back again sometime soon. Thanks so much for reading.

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