Sunday, April 29, 2012

Supple Purple

It was sunday and I got ready to go to church with my family as usual. I thought of the purple color vintage dress I bought a couple of weeks earlier and knew it had to be the perfect one for the day. I bought the dress because of its color and I have always wanted to own some vintage pieces. (I got two of them now.) It was made of this beautiful, rich supple fabric with ruffles on the bodice. It would have been a simple dowdy dress but it came alife after I added some accessories..
I have on my brown suede pumps I purchased from VictoriasSecret Catalogue about twelve years ago so, they are really old and go well with my vintage look. My multicolor bag is from Jessica Simpson.

The dazzling gold belt is one of my favorite accessories I purchased from a thrift store and I have on a pair of gold studs I got as a gift. My hubby did not really like this look. He said it was too old fashioned. But that's Vintage for you! You either love it or hate it!

The multicolor Neck strands can be worn in two lenghts; either as one long necklace or as a choker and I thought the choker was more suitable for this dress...

You see, the dress is really dowdy without the gold belt; don't you think?

I believe the accessories made this outfit..

I enjoyed my little photo shoot before stepping out but I am starting to get uncomfortable with my front porch. The flowers are all dried up and the porch really need some sprucing up..I'll have to handle some DIY yard projects pretty soon..


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Grey but gay!

Yeah, this is one of my Mummy outfits..I have quite a few of And it's in the color grey, I know!..:) It is an off shoulder dress I bought online from Metro Style. I got it because of the price and sheer fabric. It was on clearance for $11 and I decided to order it even though I did not really care much for it. I think it kind of looks very matronly and it does really accentuate the "Mama-Look." But, yeah, I'm a mama right?

This dress spent over a year in my closet before I finally decided to give it a try. I was wearing it to church and did not want to make it off shoulder. Church is God's house and we've got to be modest and If we can not dress inappropriately to see the president, we can not dress inappropriately to God's house...:) This does not mean however that Christians can not have fun with their clothing styles but "Modesty" is the word..

I paired it off with grey ZigiSoho heels from DSW and a greyish silver clutch I purchased from VictoriasSecret catalogue years ago.

Earrings are from Palmbeach jewelry.. Have a wonderful week ahead and thanks for stopping by my blog.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Green with...edgy

Yes, it's been raining for days in Mineapolis and it just won't stop but of course it's spring. I had a church meeting to attend this saturday morning and when I thought of the rainy weather, I thought it would be best to go with green color oufit. (You do know why, right? Rain brings life and green is a symbol of life and birth and spring) I tried to wait for the rain to cease so, I could take my pictures and when it did not stop and I was running late for my meeting, I decided to do a photo-shoot in the rain...:)

Outfit from Loft Stores..

Black heeled shoes are from Colin Stuart/VictoriasSecret Catalogue and black oversized bag is from Guess.
It was not just the rain, it was windy too..
jewelry is thrifted...

I just love the fabrics of this outfit. The light green eyelet blazer is pretty cool and the green linen dress is just awesome.

Like I always say, I like to show the semi-corporate look of my outfits. So, I had a little extra time on my hands before going for my meeting and I dashed into the house for a quick change into my semi  corporate look of the above outfit..This look is for less formal we all know.

The rain stopped for a little bit...
And then, it came pouring down again! What a tease!!
Did I mention that green is one of my favorite colors?

I've had this blouse for a while so, I'll say it's random cos I do not remember the store I got it from but the skirt is custom made by my seamstress..
Shoes are from DSW..and bag is random..

I enjoyed taking these pics in the rain after all. It was very exhilarating and felt really good.

I will always love the color green in all its different shades; dark green, light green, citrus, teal..and you are going to be seeing a lot of posts in this (Maybe this is my new black?) Do you have a favorite color you are drawn to when you shop at the store or so many outfits in different shades of the same color?



Friday, April 20, 2012

Singing the blues...

Wearing one of my navy blue blazers and skirt and a light blue/dark blue graphic shirt which I think is pretty cool..
Carrying one of the few black bags I own. The size is very appropriate for my present Mummy status.
I put everything and whatever in there and just

I think this look is as corporate as it can be and the dark blue color sure gives it some authenticity.

My camera flash never came on so, I had to snap some pics of the clothes on hangers outdoors..

                                                                                    Semi-Corporate Look

All outfits have been owned for sometime...the tops are from tjmaxx and marshals and the last denim skirt was custom made by my seamstress. Shoes are from DSW.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Green Gig!!

It's Sunday, April 8th and it's Easter!! Christ is risen!! Amen. I just love Easter holiday...:) I decided to put on green color outfit to church today because of the power of the color Green. Green symbolises life, abundance, wealth and Power. The Weather was a lit bit mild (not too cold or too hot) so, it played a role when I was putting my outfit together. I have on this beautiful green print georgette (did I spell that right? ) dress that is flared out at the waist and a black jacket with quarter sleeves and as usual, very minimal jewelry. My green MR. KT shoes topped off the outfit. I had so much fun at church and all through the entire day that I decided to call this post; "Green Gig." I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Celebration.

My family and I stopped by to see a Pastor friend of ours after church at his business office. He has a nice driving school hence the big postal you can see behind me in the photo..:)

Trying to enjoy the "Take a deep breath.."

I really love the spiral design on the jacket. It's just a simple jacket with no linning or buttons and very suitable for the weather. Did I tell you that the jacket was thrifted? Yes, it was!...:)

The dress has very tiny sleeves so the jacket was highly needed!...-) Serving dual purpose as a covering and to keep warm from the slightly cold weather.
 Did you notice that I have on green nail polish on my nails? That was just a coincidence..not planned at all. I had on the green nail polish all week. However, I think everything turned out nicely. Not too much green? I

I certainly need more help in the "hair and make-up"

Now, to the gist on how the whole oufit came into being...I got those shoes first at DSW. (Designer Shoe Warehouse) I walked in there one day and walked straight to the clearance racks. I have tons of shoes at home and really was not planning on buying any pair that I just wanted to do some window shopping.

Well, I looked through the racks starting from size 8 and half to 11 (I'm in between sizes 9 and 10) and "traa laa!" There were the cutest pair of green shoes staring at me from one of the racks...:) You know what happened after that!...:)

I got the shoes and did not really have any matching outfit in my clost but kept them anyways. I went thrifting for accessories some time later and discovered the black jacket and the green dress was found in the clearance dept at TJ Max. I always had the green nugget necklace. I purchased it a long time ago but do not really remember what store.  I was surprised at how all the green shades matched perfectly! What do you think lovely ladies?

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