Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Knit maxi dress for lounge wear


     ㄥounge wear outfits have been in for a while now since we are all stuck at home during this pandemic. While the hype has been all about lounge pant and short sets, I have been loving knit dresses and have been wearing a lot of dresses. I would reserve the knit pants and pants in general for the cold season which is almost here. This green knit dress is an old purchase from Gap and it's very comfortable and feels great on the skin. This white pouch bag is a recent addition to my pouch bags. I love that it is stylish and edgy and the color is great for a subtle pop of color. Bottega Veneta did great by bringing back this dumpling, pouch bag trend along with the square toed shoe trend.  Many retailers have made more affordable inspired pieces based off of Bottegas. You can check out my previous post here if you need to shop for similar bags. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Dress        Shoes         Bag

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