Friday, December 1, 2017

How to style an "All-black" Outfit

So, when is the best time to wear an "all-black' outfit if not now; in the winter? The snow might not have come down yet but the cold has crept in and the layered outfits have started to come out of the closet. My faux-fur leather skirt is from Loft, my  turtle neck sweater is so old that I do not even remember what store I got it from, over the knee boots are an old purchase from the Altuzarra and Target collaboration from three years ago. My bracelet is thrifted and my faux-fur vest is an old purchase from Forever 21. Phew! 😅 Can you remember all the items I just listed? Yes! that is the key or tip to styling an all black look; you just throw all the textures together; leather,
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