Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Styling the snake print trend with a small accessory

The snake print trend is gradually pushing the leopard prints trend into the shadows; you see it everywhere at least on social media; boots, clothing, bags...This trend can be overwhelming if it is not done right and that is why this post is on how to style the snake print trend using a small accessory like a belt. The belt might be a very casual piece or small accessory but it does add interest to an outfit. For this look, I cinched my lilac color cardigan on the waist with a snake skin skinny belt and paired the cardigan with a lace dress converted into a skirt by the layering; another way of restyling our dresses as a transition piece. I like to add bursts of color to my wardrobe in the fall and my go to color is usually blue but this season, I have been drawn to lilacs and purple; the pastel color that was on trend in the spring. I completed my look with a pair of sparkly earrings from J. Crew and by the way, my cardigan is from J.Crew too but it has since sold out. You can check the shopping links below if you are interested in this pairing. Purple and lilac are some of my favorite colors. Also, I have not gotten into boots quite yet this fall because the weather still allows for a simple pair of mules like the pair I am wearing; haha!😜

 This look can be worn to Church and even for light events like a shower or to go to the movies or for a dinner date with hubby. The holidays are around the corner ladies...are you thinking of all the dinners and parties yet and what to wear during events? It is not too early to start planning for the holidays. I have a couple of parties planned out including my birthday which is at the end of the month. I am not planning on having a big party though; a dinner date with hubby or a light cocktail party with a few of my friends would be just fine. I have ordered some birthday invitation samples and I'm looking forward to sharing the experience with you. The last time I ordered invitations for anything was over a decade ago when I was planning for my wedding and it was nice to actually get a taste of ordering invites for a party again. I sent invites via texts for all the birthday parties I organized over the years but quickly came to the realization months ago (after attending a couple of milestone birthday parties hosted by my friends) that it was not classy to send party invites by text. You have to order actual invites and mail them to your intended guests. Okay, back to this outfit, what do you think of using the snake print belt as an accessory to indulge in the snake print trend? Thank you so much for stopping by here.

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                    Lilac Cardigan                                     Cardigan                                    Lace Skirt


                        Cardigan                                             Earrings                            Dress


                           Belt                                Cardigan                                Mules


                            Bag                                    Mules                                  Belt


                                                      Thanks so much for stopping by



  1. Wow! I love everything about this outfit. You look beautiful.

  2. Thanks Nerline, you are so kind. Kisses..


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