Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Styling the season's leopard print pants: Cable knit sweater + Ankle boots

In my books, it is a win! win!! when clothes from years and years ago still fit the body in the present time and it is even better when the clothes fit right into the modern trend in fashion; money and time saved! happy Tuesday Beauties; I'm sure you all know about the leopard prints trend for fall fashion by now because it is everywhere. When I first got wind that this trend had come back, I was a little skeptical if it was ever going to catch on and I'm surprised at the way people embraced or should I say re-embraced the trend. I have like a medium sized suitcase full of animal prints clothing from over the years and till this day, I do not understand why I never donated them or get rid of them; maybe I had
a feeling the trend was going to be back and it did! 😀 I have had this pant for years now and like I said earlier, I'm always excited when old clothing items from my closet fit years later. The last time I wore this pants, I was in my last trimester with my youngest child who would be turning five years this christmas and you can check out the post here.  On a side note, I took a look at some of my old posts recently and I remember the earlier days in blogging when I didn't have much idea of what I was doing as regards taking pictures and editing; I'm glad I have improved a little over the years with my pictures and blog layout and for this I am grateful to God. When you have a love for what you do, you never stop; you keep going even when you stumble and make mistakes along the way 😝

Now back to this old pair of pants, I paired it with a white cable knit sweater this time for a casual laid back look. I purchased the pants from T. J. Maxx and the cable knit sweater which is very warm and cozy is from Nordstrom. My ankle boots are a recent purchase from Lulus; I just discovered that this online brand has amazing quality shoes for very affordable prices and would blog about my recent shoe haul from the site in future posts on here or on my other blog HERE. I decided to go for a clean natural look with this outfit so I did not add any color to it; I would say my lip color is the only color here. Leopard prints pants or leggings can be pretty overwhelming but I think if you keep the top part simple, you'll achieve a great look. What do you think of leopard prints pants or the leopard prints trend in general? Thanks so much for stopping by here.

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                                     Sweater                         Pants                       Sweater


                                Leggings                         Ankle Boots                    Pants 


                 Bag                                 Sweater                                 Ankle boots

*Bible verse of the Day*

"O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endureth forever...O give thanks unto the God of heaven: for his mercy endureth for ever." - Psalm 136 : 1-36



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  1. You are super trendy, I love your leo pants!
    Kisses, Paola.


  2. You look Fantastic. I see leopard print as a neutral and it goes with everything. Enjoy. . .

  3. I love Lulu's. They have trendy shoes and clothes at an affordable price. You look great. I love how you wear the pants with the boots.

  4. Yes, Lulus is great. Thanks for your kind words. Kisses...


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