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What is in my new Bag? My Fall beauty Essentials and Basic Invite birthday invitation card and Stationery

Happy Friday Friends; I'm pretty excited because my birthday is just a few days away. While I'm not planning on having a super big celebration this year, I have been thinking of different ways to make my upcoming birthday remarkable. One thing I did a couple of months ago; actually in the summer was to take advantage of the summer sales by buying myself a few items that I know I would need in the fall. This plaid clear bag was one of my early birthday gifts to myself. I had seen a couple of plaid shopping totes from major designers online like this Burberry one here and here and I really wanted one for fall. If you have been reading this blog all through the summer, you would know by now that I really love clear bags also known as translucent or transparent bags or PVC bags. Check out this posts here and here and here. Also, If you know me from reading this blog, you know that I love affordable quality fashion so there was no way I was going to splurge on the Burberry tote and thankfully, it sold out before I even considered changing my mind. Then I saw this replica (or should I say dupe?) on the Shein Website for under $20 and I got it right way. The bag is really cute; it has removable long straps in addition to the short straps and the plaid clutch is removable too. I love it when you do not have to splurge to enjoy fashion and style and I really look forward to styling it with different outfits this fall. Now that the introduction about my new bag is out of the way, I would love to tell you about the contents in my bag. Along with some few beauty essentials for fall, I have cute party invitations and holiday invitations from Basic Invite.

Just as I was thinking of what to do for my birthday a few days ago, I got an invite from the team at Basic Invite to check out their birthday invitation cards and holiday cards. As we all know, it is that time of the year again; with my birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday around the corner, I jumped at the idea of checking out their site and sharing my thoughts with you. I have decided that for my birthday this year, I would like to have a small cocktail party of about twenty friends and to have a beautiful, classy event these days, you have to concentrate on every detail starting from the invitations. After browsing through their site, I'll say that Basic Invite has the best party invitations online. I liked their flower birthday invitations which are well suited for fall birthdays. However, to make my birthday invitation really special, I opted for the customization design where I was able to upload my own design into the birthday invitation template. I also ordered a couple cards for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday celebration and since Basic Invite lets you order a sample of your invitation, I was able to check out the quality of my invites when they came in the mail. Below are the pics and summary of my thoughts on my experience with Basic Invite.

                                                      About Basic Invite

Basic Invite is a company that specializes in the design of invitation cards and holiday cards and stationery. They strive to provide the best products to their customer by providing unique features that allow their customers build their own color theme or use the unlimited color combinations on their site to create or design unique cards for every life event or holiday. Other features include;

  • Free peel and seal envelopes included with most card orders
  • instant previews that allow customers to see and make adjustments to their card
  • A free sample of most cards on the site before final order is made
  • Customization feature that lets you upload your own picture or design into templates
  • Unbeatable prices and value for their customers

                                                        My Birthday Invitation

Like I said before, I used the customization feature on the Basic Invite website where I uploaded my already designed invitation into a template here. I had the option to choose my card paper, shape, and color which includes envelope color and there are unlimited color combination available to use. There is also the option to edit and resize your photos. And did I mention that you are able to preview every card you order so you can make adjustments if need be? And then, you can order a sample of your order. This is very good because you are able to view your actual card and see the actual quality when it arrives in the mail. I also ordered a Thank-you card in a water color ombre design here. And you can see that I matched my Thank-you cards to my invitation which makes it really formal. It is always a great idea to send out Thank-you cards to your guests after a party.

                                                  Holiday Party Invitations


The holidays; Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas is when family and friends get together for family dinners and celebration. A formal invitation in the mail is the first step to throwing a great party. I ordered a Thanksgiving party invitation card sample and a Christmas party invitation card sample from the website too. Basic Invite has cards for all life events; weddings, birthdays, graduation, showers, baptism, Mitzvah, and a lot more. Foil cards ae also available in gold, silver and rose gold.

                                           Social Media Business Cards

"Hi, I'm Beauty, Fashion Blogger and Stylist;" can you spot my social media card in the pic above? Basic Invite has lots of business cards and stationery for your business needs. I really loved the clear business card design and I ordered a sample card for my blog and I really loved it when it arrived in the mail. The process of designing this card was really fun. Apart from the option of selecting the paper, you can edit the text by moving it around on the card and the preview option and sample feature is available on business cards too. Check out this cute editable design here.

                                                  Address Capturing Service

Basic Invite also has a unique feature that is called address capturing service where their customers after creating an account on the site, send a link to their friends and family members where they can upload their addresses into the site. The information is stored in the customer's account and is available during the design process.This makes mailing of invitations to recipients hassle free. The link can be shared on most social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Basic Invite offers free recipient address printing on all Christmas card orders. You can get 15% off on your order with coupon code 15FF51

Check out more Basic Invite products and services on the following platforms;






**This is a sponsored post but all opinion(s) is based on my experience**

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  1. Advanced Happy Birthday, Beauty! And I love the bag you chose....looks great:) Thank you as well for the heads up about Basic Invite. Your bday card looks awesome:)
    God Bless:) XOXO

  2. Such a lovely b-day invitation! And interesting beauty products!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


  3. I love Basic Invites! They are seriously amazing and love the customizable options!

  4. Happy birthday dear. those invitations are so beautiful.

  5. This is such a lovely post, Beauty. I love basic invites.


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