Monday, October 15, 2018

The right floral dress to wear in the fall

If you are like me, you own a couple of floral dresses that you would like to wear the whole year through and thanks to layering, you can wear your floral dresses throughout the year. However, not all floral dresses are suited for fall.The tip to wearing floral dresses in the fall is to wear floral dresses in dark hues or earthly colors like brown, burgundy, rust, orange, grey, mustard, emerald green....some of these colors are in my floral dress which I purchased on sale from Target  during the summer. Bold colors like red and blue can also be suitable for fall. I am loving  this blue maxi dress here. Once you have the right floral dress picked out based on the shade or color, you just style it with the temperature or weather in mind.

For my look, I styled my floral dress with a pair of nude block heel sandals and a blazer because the temperature was mild and not crazy cold. A pair of hoop earrings and a quilted mini purse completed the look. By the way, quilted mini purses are trending now and if you want high end, you can check out the Gucci quilted mini camera bag here. I am not a big fan of monogramed accessories or expensive bags so I opted for the very affordable version by H & M here. If the temperature was lower or colder, I would have layered a sweater underneath the dress, worn some tights underneath, worn a pair of boots and then throw on a leather jacket. Did I mention that my blazer is a thrifted piece? Well, it is and a blazer is an essential piece to have in your closet. I wear blazers all year round but mostly in the fall. Are you ready to style your floral dresses for fall? Thanks a lot for stopping by here.

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                                            Blazer                            Dress                         Dress

                            Dress                         Blazer                        Quilted bag


                            Dress                       Sandal                            Quilted mini purse



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