Thursday, November 29, 2018

What to wear on a very cold Fall Day

If you live in a region like me where the fall weather quickly turns into winter before the official start time, you might have your winter coats and scarfs laid out already. A long coat or robe coat is a must have outer wear for a very cold day. A good quality wool coat or cashmere can cost over a thousand dollars in high end stores and a wool blend or equivalent cashmere blend can cost upper hundreds but it can be a good investment because you will get a warm cozy coat that you can wear for years. I must say too that; the shorter the coat, the cheaper it is. You can get more affordable styles online in UK stores like Asos and Misguided.

My favorite color in long coats is the camel color coat which is popularly called the camel coat because it is a neutral color and goes with everything. I got my long coat that I'm wearing here from a consignment store in my city years ago. It is a good quality wool coat and has been a staple in my winter wardrobe since then. I layered the coat over an all black outfit and wrapped a plaid blanket scarf around my neck and wore my report signature high boots which is also a winter favorite. This is an outfit I wore a long time ago and you can see the original post here. The plaid scarf which was trending a couple of years ago is from Romwe and they still have a similar scarf on the site here. What are your thoughts on the camel coat for very cold weather; yay or nay?


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Coat                      Coat                        Coat

                                Coat                               Boots                           Scarf


Boots                        Boots                         Scarf


Coat                                 Coat                             Coat

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  1. This is a chic cold weather look. You can't go wrong with a classic camel coat.


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