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What to wear to a White Christmas Party: My Throwback Looks

            love me a white Christmas and living in Minnesota now for over twenty years, I have somewhat come to expect it. The few times I did not experience a white Christmas was when I celebrated Christmas abroad and a year or two when we only had snow flurries. With the amount of snow we have had so far, I'm certain we would be having a white Christmas this year. It's beautiful to look out the window on Christmas morning and see the blanket of snow all around; just makes the season so much special. This is not to say that Christmas is not special any where else; snow or no snow, Christmas is a beautiful holiday and it is the most beautiful and wonderful time of the year. And I'm not forgetting that the birth of Jesus (our Savior) is the reason for the Season.

"For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government will be upon his shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his Government and Peace, there will be no end..." Isaiah 9: 6-7 (Bible Verse NKJV)

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If you do not have the winter season/snow where you live, you can still have a white Christmas. How about throwing a white Christmas Party? there are lots of white themed Christmas décor in the store these days; white Christmas trees and white or off white Christmas pillows, throws and dinner table settings. You can make your themed Christmas Party more fun by having your guests dress up in white outfits. If this is totally up your alley, then, here is some white Christmas Outfit inspiration for you to make your Christmas celebration fun and memorable. This Parisian inspired outfit, comprises a black lace dress (LBD) cinched with an embellished belt and layered with black tights and a white blazer. The metallic thrifted Clutch and red beret and plaid pumps complete the look. This is a look from last Christmas and you can see the original post here.

                                                  Here           Here            Here

                                                Here           Here           Here

A long white dress or mock two piece maxi dress like I am wearing here is glamorous enough to wear to any white Christmas Party. And if wearing a dress is not your thing, how about a white Jumpsuit like this one here? Just layer a long coat, blazer or cardigan over it and you will be ready to rock the party.  And if you need to keep the look simple and clean, consider accessorizing with silver, white or metallic accessories. And you can also add a pop of color with red. In the look above, I accessorized with a grey faux fur stole, silver heels and a black embellished Clutch. Check out the look in a previous post here.


                                                 Here                Here               Here

And then, if you do not want to wear an all white outfit, how about wearing florals? Just remember that you have to honor your hosts request whenever you are picking an outfit for a themed party. If the hosts or invite says that an ''all white outfit" is part of the celebration, do what you can to stay within the dress code. You do not have to run to the store to purchase a new outfit; just look in your closet and be creative. A black and white floral piece, black and white plaid or polka dots (with white backgrounds and black dots) can be thrown into the mix. Do not forget that it is all about having fun and making memories with family and friends. A memorable Christmas celebration always leave everyone feeling great and pumped up to embrace the new year. Check out this floral outfit in a previous post here.

                                            Here                 Here                Here

                                                           Here            Here              Here

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  1. Yes it is much nicer when it snows on Christmas. We have had light snow twice now and it really is nice to have this time of year I already have decorations up so it is extra nice. I love all of these white holiday looks though the first one pictured is my favorite, but I love Paris so I guess thats it!

    Allie of

  2. Haha!...:) You do love Paris Allie and I'm not surprised the first look is your favorite. Happy Holidays my Friend.

  3. Oh Beauty, your outfit looks too cute. I love your hat and jacket a lot.

  4. A white Christmas is so magical!! It is the only time of the year I like snow. After Christmas, I'm over it haha. Loving all your holiday looks especially the all white!


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