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Neon Evening Dress + Floral Accessories

          appy Thanksgiving everyone. Thank you so much for stopping by here. I want you to know that I am thankful for you and I want to let you know that your support of this blog brings joy to my heart. Generally, I do not stress myself over the readership or stats of this blog but whenever I take a look at my stats, I find out that I always get views or readership every day. So, there are people constantly checking in on this blog though they never leave comments. So, if you are one of such silent readers of this blog, I say "Thank-you" and I want you to know that I am thankful for you.


                                                   Clutch                      Sandals

I intend to have a very quiet Thanksgiving celebration with my family tomorrow and I am doing very light cooking but baked turkey would definitely be on the menu. We plan to cozy up by the fire place watching the Macys parade and family movies while we express our thanks and gratitude as a family. This green maxi dress I am wearing here was purchased from the consignment store months ago and it was brand new with tags but less than $20. The dress was custom made by a seamstress or tailor and it had a white and silver applique attached to the empire bodice which I took off because I didn't think it looked great with the dress. I just loved the simple design of the dress because the neon color just pops.

 Also, I like shade of neon which is a little darker than the average neon color and not as bright. Knowing your true neon color/shade is very important because you do not want the color of your clothes to wash you out. The dress is a one shoulder sleeve dress so I layered  a sheer blouse that I purchased from Amazon underneath and completed the look with floral accessories. I purchased the floral sandals from Macys elast summer and the floral clutch is an old purchase from Burlington. My tips for buying and styling vintage, consignment or thrifted pieces include;

  •  Know what you need ahead of time: Never go thrift shopping or vintage shopping without a list or an idea of what you want. Months ago, I know I really wanted a neon color statement piece because neon was a huge trend at the time and I also wanted to add to my collection of holiday wear because of the impending holiday season. So, when I went to the consignment store in my city, I went straight to the blazers section (which is always my first point of call) and I found a beautiful sequin floral blazer which I will style next time. Then, I went straight to the special occasion/holiday dresses aisle and I found this dress hanging on the hanger in my size! Immediately, I went to the check-out to pay for my items in order not to be distracted because, believe me, there are lots of tempting pieces and treasures to find at the consignment or thrift stores.

  •  Check your discovered piece thoroughly: Check your outfit for fit and quality and make sure it is not missing buttons. Check to make sure zippers, belts and other fasteners work the way they should and try on the piece in the dressing room to check for proper fit and length and while you are there, check the quality of the fabric or garment and see if the price matches the piece. If the outfit or piece you found is from a known brand, you can do a quick google search of it in order to evaluate the second hand value of the piece. Do not forget to factor in the cost of dry cleaning if you feel the need to have the piece cleaned before you wear it.

  •  Know the Store Policy: On your way out at the check out, find out the store's policy or mission. Some thrift or consignment stores are non-profit and operate differently from regular stores. Find out the refund/return policy guide lines and other perks like store rewards and perks in case you need to come back to shop at a different date. Then, go home and style and enjoy your piece with confidence. You would have saved yourself a lot of money by buying a new piece at a higher price that you will likely wear once and toss and you would also help to save the environment by recycling and preventing clothes from filling up the landfills. Thank you so much for reading.

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