Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Purple Pantsuit + Graphic Tee

             թ urple is my favorite color and I cannot describe the level of confidence, joy and excitement that I feel whenever I wear the color purple. it's such a beautiful and regal color in my opinion. Some argue that the color is not meant for every skin tone and I say it depends on how you style it. I have added lots of purple color pieces to my closet in the last couple of months and I look forward to styling them piece by piece on the blog. This Outfit can be worn to almost any where with just the change of accessories; Church, Work, Weddings, Meetings...

                                                         Pantsuit                     Clear Bag

Pantsuits are a big trend right now as they have been for a while  and you can purchase a quality suit for women at a reasonable price. Stores like Asos, Macys, and Express have trendy suits for women in different colors and design. The cheapest way to build a nice collection of pantsuit however is through thrifting and looking in consignment stores. A good quality blazer at the thrift store retails for about $10 and if you are very good at thrifting and styling, you can find a matching pant for your blazer for less or about the same price as the blazer. Would you be surprised if I told you that my blazer and pants were thrifted at different times? months apart? If you just squint a bit, you will see that that my blazer is darker in color. The fabrics are very similar though; a mix of linen and cotton. Somehow, I am drawn to natural fabrics like linen these days.

I paired my lilac pants with a black long sleeve graphic tee with the inscribed words; "PRAY" and I really love the contrast of the black color tee against the soft lilac color of the pantsuit. The tee is a constant reminder of the power of prayer and the need to pray everyday which is one of the tenets of my Christian Faith.

The tee was purchased from a retailer  on Instagram and if you are interested in getting an inspirational tee for yourself with Christian Faith messages, check out @made.and.loved or search for Christian apparel hashtag on Instagram. I completed the look with a pair of black pumps and a translucent bucket bag. For an extra layer of color, I shoved a purple color print scarf into the translucent bag. Are you ready to celebrate the upcoming holidays in style without spending much on your outfit? Watch out for more styling tips on this space and thank you so much for reading.


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Pantsuit           Bag

                                                       Graphic Tee                              Bag


                                                        Graphic Tee                    Graphic Tee

                                                       Pantsuit                                 Pumps

                                                         Pumps                            Bag

                                                       Pantsuit                      Pumps

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