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Faux Fur Outfit Inspiration for the Christmas Season

            ᒣ love faux fur a lot and I don't know if it is because I live in a very cold state but there's just something about faux fur pieces in the winter time that is comforting for me.  I love to drape faux fur shawls and stoles around my neck in the winter time for some extra warmth as seen here  and here  and it also adds pops of color  to my outfits. I think I have faux fur stole in almost every color and fur do not have to be real fur to make your outfit more chic or to make a statement. Save your money and buy faux fur and check out my styling tips below.


                                                                      Here       Here      Here

The stole was used here to glamorize or transform an old winter coat. So, if you have a tired looking winter coat that you want to extend its life, just get a matching or contrasting color of faux fur shawl to drape over the collar. You can attach the stole to the collar of the coat by sewing it on with thread and needle or you can use it as a stand alone stole to drape over other pieces. Check out the post here.

For other times when you want a dressy look for a formal or black tie event in the winter time or for a wedding celebration, a faux fur stole is a nice accessory to have. The dress I wore above; an embellished satin dress had a long slit in front that I never really cared for so, I just draped the long stole over the slit as a sort of cover up and no one but me really knew what was up with the draping, haha! 😁 Check out the post here.

Faux fur stoles can be used to style a casual look too. In the look above, I wanted to create an elevated casual look for a casual Christmas or holiday party hence the use of sparkly accessories; the sequin clutch (a thrifted piece) and the silver metallic shoes. The faux fur draped over the collar of the blazer and cinched with an embellished belt completed the look. Check out the post here.

This look is similar to the other dress look above; just more simple. Again, the stole is draped over the shoulder of the dress; this time to add a little drama to the plain two piece mock dress. I later draped the dress over my shoulders for extra warmth and also folded it up in front to disguise an already full stomach after eating a lot of lot of food. Check out the post here. And check out other faux fur accessories in the links below.

                                                                    Faux Fur Stole

Here         Here      Here

                                                 Here                    Here                Here

                                                                      Furry Bags


                                           Bag                   Here              Here

                                                          Here               Here

                                                          Here           Bags           Here




                                                            Here         Here          Here

                                                                      Furry Coats


                                                           Here           Here            Here

                                  INSTAGRAM-ONE    TWITTER     PINTEREST     INSTAGRAM-TWO

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  1. Hello dear Beauty, you are so beautiful and I adore the looks you suggest for Christmas! Wonderfully colourful and so tasteful!
    xx Rena

    1. Thanks so much Rena for your kind words; wishing you the best wishes for the Christmas season 😃


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