Monday, March 23, 2020

Long Brown Coat + Brown Accessories and How to stay happy while social distancing

             Ħappy Monday Friends. It's another week, another Monday and where do I even begin? The world is at a different place and history is happening right in front of our eyes; very bad history. The Coronavirus Pandemic is like a Hollywood horror movie happening right before our eyes. There would have been so much excitement about spring right now and everyone trying to enjoy the outdoors because we all have been hibernating in the winter time but we cannot do that; we cannot run around outdoors enjoying the warmer weather. Everyone has to do some social distancing at this time to stop the spread of  this virus and flatten the curve and with this, I say happy Monday again.

                                                                      Coat        Tee       Bag

I want to share a tip with you that I use all the time whenever things around me do not measure up. I change my thoughts and try to focus on happy and positive things to keep my mind right. Since we have so much time on our hands now, this is the time to engage or do things that give us joy that we usually do not have enough time to do. If you love blogging or writing, this is the time to create content for your blog or the time to write that book you have always wanted to write. This is the time to learn a new skill or new hobby or simply just the time to spend time with your family.

I understand a lot of people find joy in being outdoors or traveling or being around other people and this can be a very difficult time for them but do not worry. If you can invest in technology that allows you to join virtually with others that enjoy the same activity as you, that would be great. You can do some research on your local library website or on social networks and join in group activities using tools like phone conference calls, Zoom, Skype, Facetime Conferencing and google connect. Whatever you do at this time to stay happy is very important to your overall wellbeing. And do not forget that this situation is temporary. There is a light at the end of every tunnel. God protect us all in Jesus name - Amen

My outfit for today comprises of old pieces from my closet; a long sleeve black tee and tan ankle pants. If this was an outfit for work, I would swap the tee for a button down shirt or cashmere sweater but since this is work from home time, the long sleeve tee and pants would work. I always have a stash of long sleeve tees in black and white colors on hand during the winter time to wear on days I do not feel like wearing sweaters. I draped this brown wool coat over my look and accessorized with dark brown accessories. Working from home does not mean you have to wear sweats and PJs all day. Thanks so much for reading and remember to stay positive and happy.

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