Tuesday, April 9, 2019

White teddy coat + White knit dress + Styling trends

The teddy bear coat has been trending for a while now and I have had this off white teddy coat in my closet in ages along with this off white sweater dress that I have styled on this blog so many times, first time in this blog post. And just an aside; it is very important for us to take care of whatever belongs to us, but not in a selfish way though. Let go of things you need to let go off and take care of the things you need to keep. I took care of this beautiful knit dress I purchased from Victorias' Secret over ten years ago and that is why I still have it in my closet today.

I wear this ribbed knit dress a couple of times every winter and I recently styled it with this teddy coat and cow boy boots for a casual look. And again, this cow boy boots were thrifted from Arcs' Value Village for less than $10.00. I love the cow boy boots trend but did not want to spend a lot of money buying a new pair of boots not knowing how long the trend was going to be around for. As usual, I made trips to my favorite thrift store a couple of times and found this beautiful pair that are still in good condition and in my size too; win! win!! 😃 I accessorized the look with a translucent tote bag which is actually the same bag I had in my previous post. I just took out the plaid pouch from the bag and threw in a fashion magazine to add a pop of color to the look. I wore this casual look to Church on a Wednesday for Bible Study and this look is appropriate to wear to other casual settings. I have worn this knit dress to Chuck E Cheese with the kids when they were little; I have worn it to after school activities and also to go shopping or visiting with friends. And talkin about styling trends; I have one or two tips to share when it comes to that.

Be selective of trends:

I love trends and love to talk about them and style them every season. However, not all trends work for every one. So, do not think every trend would work for you. If you want to try out a particular trend, think of your overall style aesthetics and your budget. If you really want to try something that you are not yet sure about, you can go to the store to try out the style in the dressing room and take a shopping buddy along with you for a second opinion on how the trend looks on you. If the trend has to do with hair styles, try out wigs instead of getting full hair cuts to see how the trend looks on you or how you like the trend.

Purchase unusual pieces in a trend:

This point is very important especially for me. I like to try fashion trends out but when the trend becomes a uniform or too trendy, I am usually put off. I do not want to wear a particular style or outfit to an event or party and find six or seven people wearing the same item. What I usually do is to find a piece that is a little off or somewhat similar to the trend so that I can still look different. For example, teddy bear coats have been trending for a while but mostly in the brown and tan shades. I was happy to find out that I already own an off white color teddy coat so, I have been wearing this coat a lot this season. I still look trendy yet different because the white or off white coats are not as common as the brown ones. Another example is the cow boy boots. The most popular design or style was the white color cow boy boots or the snake print cow boy boots. Again, I found this black embellished pair which fits into my style. I found the white color cow boy boots too trendy; it was every where last fall and I don't really like the snake print boots. This black pair is not so loud; it is demure and yet stylish and it helps me to find a happy medium in my fashionable life style! 😜

Buy affordable or versatile Pieces:

Translucent bags have been trending for a long time now and I love the trend and really, really love this Staud bag but I didn't want to splurge on it not sure if the trend would be around for a long time. Instead, I bought about four or five translucent bags from other affordable retailers like Shein. Also, I bought styles that can be styled a couple ways; like the clear bag I'm wearing in this post. It is the same bag I styled in my previous post too; just took out the plaid pouch that came with it as I said earlier. I hope this pints work for you as you shop for trends this season. Thanks so much for reading.

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